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How to Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

author Emily Watson
date Monday, Nov 10, 2014

"There are some damages have been caused to my iPhone 6s because I download an unauthorized software for it yesterday. My friend said that restore it to factory settings can help to repair this issue. But I have no idea on how to restore my iPhone 6s to factory settings. Who can help me?"

Restore iPhone to factory settings can be very useful troubleshooting technique for some persistent iOS based software problems. Besides, we may want to restore our iPhone to erase all data when planning to sell it.

Restoring iPhone to factory settings will wipe all personal settings and data you've acquired. Therefore, back up before beginning if you need any of your personal data again.

Here are two methods to restore iPhone to factory settings depending on the condition of your phone. One is restoring from iPhone directly and the other is restoring via iTunes. What's more, choose a third tool of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (opens new window) to restore the deleted data is also a good idea!

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Preparations: iPhone; iTunes 12 or the later version; iOS latest firmware

# Methods 1: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings from iPhone Directly

This method is the easiest way to restore iPhone to factory settings. However, it is only suitable to the iOS device without jailbreak.

Find the "Settings" icon on the screen, and then tap Settings> General> Reset one by one. Then, tap the blue Erase All Content and Settings option, followed by the red Erase iPhone option in the resulting pop-up window to confirm the decision.

Erase All iPhone Content and Setting

# Methods 2: Reset iPhone to Factory Settings Using iTunes

Note: This method can be used for all iOS devices, the jailbroken devices are included.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable and select "iPhone" from the toolbar.

Step 2: before continuing, click the "Back Up Now" button to ensure your device is backed up before the restore.

Step 3: Hold down the "Shift" button and click "Restore iPhone".

Reset iPhone with iTunes Backup

Step 4: Select the firmware ipsw file from your hard drive in when there is a pop-up, then click "Open".

Select Firmware ipsw File from Computer

Step 5: iTunes will ask you if you want to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. All of your media and other data will be erased. Click the "Restore" button to continue.

iTunes Verify the Restore with Apple

Step 6: Wait till the process complete.

iPhone Restored to Factory Settings Completed

You are also supported to choose a tool with more easier way. Still waiting for what? Just download the FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery (opens new window) and try it! You will not regret it!

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