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How to Recover Lost Music from Sony

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Coupled with a Li-lon 2900 battery, you can play music for up to 87h on your Sony Xperia if the battery is full. Calculate how many songs you can put on a loop! Nearly 1000! That's why some users store tons of music in the Sony phone. But the thing is that songs can be wrongly deleted in bulk due to error of the music play app, mistaken deletion, etc. If you want to regain your files, you can download them one by one again. But this is a big pain. If you would like to recover lost music from Sony without making effort, you can use FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is incredible software, capable of retrieving lost music from Android phones. The program supports songs no matter they were recorded, downloaded, or purchased. Besides, the program is clean and safe. Just feel safe to use.


Recover Lost Music from Sony XZ/XA/Z5

Step 1. Plug Android Phone to your Computer

Open FonePaw Android Data Recovery program on your computer. Next, plug your Sony smartphone to the computer with a USB cable. And check USB debugging on your phone.

Connect Samsung Galaxy Note/Edge to PC

Step 2. Select Data Types to Scan

Your Sony phone is connected. If you have the selection page, mark your wanted data types to scan. To retrieve deleted music from Sony smartphone, highlight "Audios". Then click the "Next" button.

Select Media Files of Samsung Galaxy to Scan

Step 3. Allow Superuser Request

Go to your Sony phone. You should have the Superuser request. Touch the "Allow"/ "Grant"/ "Authorize" and confirm the request. Then FonePaw Android Data Recovery program will analyze and scan your Android phone instantly.

Allow FonePaw Program to Scan Samsung

Step 4. Recover Lost Music from Sony

Scan is done! Check "Audios" at the left pane. All audio files will be displayed in the table. Then choose whichever ones you want to regain and check the "Recover" key to get them back.

Select Data Types to Scan

Lost music are retrieved and stored in your computer. If you want to enjoy them with the gadget or make ringtones for your phone, just copy them from your computer to the Sony smartphone.



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