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How to Recover Images from Sony Xperia

By Emily Watson, Saturday, Oct. 03, 2015

Sony smartphone series, including Sony Xperia XA Ultra/XZ1/XZ Premium/XZ1 Compact/Z5/Z3/Z2/T3/M2/Z1 and Sony Tablet Xperia Z3 Tablet/Z2 Tablet, occupies a big share in the Android market. It is hugely welcomed by those who prefer high-end mobile camera because they can shoot beautiful photos with the easy-to-carry Sony mobile phone. However there are some problems when you operate the camera, for example, improper settings that lead to loss of pictures. In this case, how can you recover images from Sony smartphone? The first-rate important thing is to stop using your phone once loss of data happens in case of data overwriting. And then try a reliable recovery program as soon as possible.

In this page, I'd love to introduce FonePaw Android Data Recovery, which is absolutely practical. The program can directly restore deleted images from Sony smartphone due to touching wrong button, device malfunction, application errors, etc. You are allowed to regain .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .tiff, etc. within a few minutes.


How to Retrieve Deleted Images from Sony Mobile Phone

Step 1. Connect Sony Xperia Z3 to Windows

Connect Sony Xperia phone to the computer which runs on Windows 10/8/7/Vista. Turn on USB debugging on the phone. The portable device will soon be detected.

Connect Sony Xperia Z3 to Computer

Step 2. Choose File Types to Scan

In this step, please choose the file types you want to recover. Mark "Gallery" or "Picture Library" in the box. Then click the "Next" button. Photos captured by the mobile camera, transferred from other devices, or screenshot by the Sony phone are in Gallery while cache images in Picture Library.

Select Your Android Photos

Step 3. Allow FonePaw Program to Access the Sony Smartphone

The program is preparing for scanning. Then it will try entering your Sony Xperia. Go to the phone and hit the button "Allow/Grant/Authorize" in the note. After that, the software will scan pictures in your phone.

Allow Program to Access the Sony Xperia Z3

Step 4. Preview and Recover Images from Sony Smartphone

When scan is completed, choose "Gallery" or "Picture Library" at the left. Existing items and deleted ones are displayed. Names of deleted items are in red font. Select files you want to get back and click the button "Recover". Files will be retrieved and stored in your PC.

Recover Deleted Images from Sony Xperia

If you are afraid of losing some important images from your Sony phone, take precautions before tragedy happens. And it is a good choice to regularly back up your existing files with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.



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