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How to Recover Deleted Images from HTC Phone

By Emily Watson, Sunday, Oct. 04, 2015

"I intend to recover deleted images from HTC phone. When I was in the settings clearing up and forced stopping applications, all the photos are gone. Can anyone please help or advise me on how to get them back? The thing that makes me think they still locate on the phone is because I have contacts that use the images for their profile pictures and they still appear."

Yes. They are not wiped but just simply removed. Namely, they still locate in your HTC phone. You can retrieve them with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery can help you recover your lost images on HTC. You can get back deleted images in the formats below: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .tiff, etc. You can preview them one by one to decide which one to recover. Devices supported include HTC U11, HTC U Ultra, HTC One, HTC Desire, HTC EVO, HTC Tablet, and so on.



No more using your phone once Android photos are gone so as to prevent them from being overwritten.

Simple Way to Recover Lost Images from HTC Smartphone

Step 1. Connect HTC One to PC

First of all, launch FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Connect your HTC phone to the computer with the USB cable. Then turn on the USB debugging on HTC: Go to "Settings > About > Software information > More". Tap "Build number" for 7 times. Then go back to "Settings > Developer options > USB debugging".

Connect HTC One to PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan and Recover

Highlight "Gallery" or "Picture Library" in the menu. Note that in Gallery, you can find images that are captured by the phone, transferred from other devices, and screenshot by the phone itself. While in Picture Library, you can recover cache images.

Select Photos of HTC to Scan

Step 3. Give Privilege to Android

Go to your HTC phone. Select "Allow/Grant/Authorize" in the pop-up note. This will give permission to the program to enter your phone. When this step is done, FonePaw software will start to scan data.

Give Privilege to HTC Phone

Step 4. Scan, Preview and Retrieve Lost Images from HTC Phone

When scan is proceeding, please wait with patience. After that, click "Gallery" and "Picture Library" at the left column and preview data in details. With the demo version, you can preview the thumbnails. When you register, you can view them in full size. After that, mark the ones you want and click "Recover".

Preview and Recover Deleted Images from HTC Phone

Files will be stored in your PC instead of the Android phone, sorted in the folders named PNG and JPG. You need to manually transfer them to your HTC. By the way, don't miss the general guide on how to recover deleted files from Android.



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