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How to Recover Files from Samsung Internal Memory

author Emily Watson
date Wednesday, November 10, 2015

Most of Samsung Galaxy series come with a big internal memory, such as 32GB, 64GB and 168GB memory, meeting user needs of storing numerous files. For some users, their phones perform as the only place to store contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. So, before unfortunate encounter of the data loss falls, they never sense the importance of a backup. And then, they will try all kinds of remedy to recover data from Samsung mobile internal memory. So, if you are the same, who always forget to back up your Samsung contents, and if the recovery thing is urgent, try FonePaw Android Data Recovery!

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a leading program among Samsung mobile internal memory data recovery software. The program, which has been upgraded to version 1.7.0, is more capable of file retrieving. It can restore contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages and photos, call logs, photos, videos, and audios from Samsung phone internal memory, for example, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S8 Plus/S7 Edge/ S7/S6. Things can be coped with within several minutes and with five easy steps. Unbelievable? Read the steps on how to recover data from mobile internal memory and find how awesome it is.

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Important Note: Do not save new contents to your Samsung mobile internal memory after data loss.

# How to Recover Files from Samsung Internal Memory

Step 1. Connect Samsung Mobile to Computer

Download and unpack FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your Windows/Mac computer. Then install an open the program. You will have the initial interface which requires you to connect your phone to the computer. What you need are your Samsung mobile phone and USB cable. You phone battery must be 20% or above.

After connecting, you should put the Samsung phone on USB Debugging Mode. And your phone should wake up.

Connect Samsung Phone to PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

Now select file types you want to scan and restore, for example, contacts, messaging, photos, and videos. Then click the button "Next".

Select Files You Want to Recover

Step 3. Authorize Samsung to Scan

FonePaw Android Data Recovery will try to get permission to enter your phone. This requires you to go to your phone and hit "Authorize/Allow/Grant" on the pop-up of your phone.

Authorize Samsung Device to Scan All Files

Step 4. Scan Files in Samsung Internal Memory

You have granted the program. It will start scanning your Samsung mobile internal memory for contents you want to restore. During scanning, please do not eject your phone from the computer and wait for the result with patience.

Step 5. Preview and Recover Files from Samsung Internal Memory

When scanning is completed, you can preview contents that you want to retrieve. From the left side, you can choose file types wanted. Then FonePaw Android Data Recovery will show contents in detail in a table. You can mark the ones you want and click the button "Recover" to get them back.

You can preview and regain contents including:

Contact: name, phone number, email, company, job title, etc.

Text Messages: conversation content, name, phone number, time, etc.

Call log: name, phone number, call types, duration, etc.

Photo: title, format, size, thumbnails/full-size image, etc.

Video: title, format, size, etc.

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Mobile Internal Memory

Remember These:

  1. Your files are exported and stored in your computer other than the phone.

  2. Back up valuable files of Samsung smartphone to other storage devices such as computer hard drive, SD card, USB drive etc.

  3. In addition to Samsung mobile, FonePaw Android Data Recovery supports most Android brands. If you want to restore files from Android, you can also use it.

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