ZTE Recovery-Recover Lost Files from ZTE

By Emily Watson, Friday, Aug 12, 2016

In the recent years, more and more people choose ZTE phones as their mobile devices. Inevitably, users may come across some problems when using the device. For instance, sometimes it is hard to manage the device well, or we may delete the files by mistake. Now, let’s talk about the data recovery. I will show you how to recover deleted files with the help of FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a software that can help you to recover your deleted photos, videos, music, contacts, message and document files on your ZTE mobile device, such as ‎ZTE Blade Z MAX/X Max/Max 3/Axon 7/Grand X4/Nubia Z17. You can restore deleted files easily by the several steps. After the recovery, all the contents on your device are orderly sorted by the Android Data Recovery and restored on your computer. You can go for the exact items to get back the deleted files.

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Part 1: Recover Deleted Files on the ZTE

Step 1. Connect your ZTE to Computer

First of all, please run the Android Data Recovery, then connect your Android device to PC with USB cable.

Connect ZTE to PC

Step 2. Debug your USB on your Device

After you connect your device to PC, you need to turn to your ZTE phones and allow the USB debugging. Otherwise it couldn’t be detected by your computer.

Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Choose File Types

When you finish the above two steps, you will see all the files on the page. Please tick off the files you need to recover. And then click “Next” button. 

Select Android Files

Step 4. Allow the Program to Scan your ZTE

The software needs to get privilege to scan more deleted files in this step. If you can see a pop-up window on your device, please click “Allow/Grant/Authorize”. But if there is no such pop-up window on your device, please click “Retry” to try again. Once the Android Data Recovery gets the privilege, it begins to scan the data of your device. But the scanning may cost you some time, please wait patiently. 

Tap Allow on Android

Step 5. Restore Deleted Files from Android

When the scanning is over, you can see all the selected files items are sorted and listed at the left pane. Then choose the files you want to recover, click “Recover”, you can restore deleted files of your device on your computer.

Restore Deleted Files

If there are too much information for you to check, please click the "ON" icon on the page, and you can check the deleted ones only.

Step 6. Review the Recovery

You can check the exported files on your computer one by one, and you will find out that the files are sorted out according to the different items.

Part 2: Notes of the Files Recovery

1. Please stop using your device when you find out that the deleted files are important for you. Otherwise it may effect the result of files recovery. Actually when your files are deleted, they still exist on the device of the internal memory. But if you keep using your device when the deleting happens, you may overwrite the deleted files.

2. Then files are restored on your computer rather than on your device. If you want the files on your device, please move the files yourself.

3. Sometimes the reason why we delete the files is because we don't get enough storage space of our device. So one of the solutions is to get a ZTE phone with large storage capacity. Of cause for the important files, it is better to make a backup copy on your computer. 

Do you think FonePaw Android Data Recovery is really helpful? You will not worry about the loss of your files anymore because you can recover them easily. Just click "Download" below and have a try, you will find your life much easier. If you have any problems, please let us know!

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