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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from LG G4/G5/G6

By Emily Watson, Sunday, June 07, 2015

LG phones are famous for their superb design and amazing functionality, particularly LG G4/G5/G6,  the latest models of LG mobiles. With such smartphone, users can store important contacts in the device, make a call, and even transfer data with simple steps. However, it seems that it's quite troublesome to prevent data loss due to careless deletion. To recover deleted contacts from LG is as thorny as that from other Android brands.

Does Deleted Contacts Fade Away Forever?

In the past days, lost contacts are gone forever but nowadays, you need no fear about this issue because FonePaw has worked out the secret of data deletion. When deleting a contact, you just remove the contact from the address book of your LG phone while the data about the contact is still preserved on the phone memory. Therefore, after deleting, so long as you stop using the LG phone and keep the cache data from being overwritten, there is still chance to get the deleted contacts back.

Here FonePaw Android Data Recovery is designed to get the deleted data back. With this program, to select, scan, analyze, preview, and recover deleted contacts from Android phone is as easy as pie. Not only the phone numbers, but also name of every contact can be retrieved. With the exported VCF contacts, you can transfer them to your LG mobiles such as LG G6/G5/G4/G3/G FLEX2/ V30/V20/TRANSPYRE/TRIBUTE/ACCESS/Ultimate.


LG Contacts Recovery - Restore Lost LG Contacts

Step 1. Connect Android Handset to PC

First of all, open FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Then bridge your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Ensure that you have turned on the USB debugging. Also you are required to pull down the dropdown menu and turn on "PTP" so that the computer can detect your phone in seconds.

What to do when Android phone is undetectable:

1) Click "Retry".

2) Unplug the phone.

3) Reconnect the phone with another cable.

Step 2. Set to Scan Contacts from LG G6/G5/G4

When the smartphone is installed, tick "Contacts" and "Next". The program will check device info and further analyze the device. During the further analyzing process, the device will be restarted for several times. Please don't disconnect your device.

Select Contacts from LG G3

Step 3. Allow Program to Scan Contacts in Android Device

When the following interface pops up, please go to your LG G6/G5/G4 and give privilege to the program. Tap "Allow/Grant/Authorize". After that, LG mobile is accessible. FonePaw Android Data Recovery will read and scan phone numbers in the portable device.

Tap Allow Option in LG Phone


FonePaw Android Data Recovery only reads data in the phone but not overwrites and damages it. Just feel free to grant the request.

Step 4. Recover Lost Phone Numbers from LG Mobile

After the scanning, locate "Contacts" from the left pane and then expand it for further preview. As the window shows, overview of the contacts containing names, phone numbers, and email address are displayed. Choose the ones you want and hit the "Recover" tab. This will recover the selected items and export them to the computer.

Recover Deleted Contacts from LG Phone

Top 5 Reasons You May Lost Data on LG:

• You deleted a file by tapping the wrong button.

• The Micro-SD card is formatted without backup.

• All the data are disappeared after flashing ROM.

• Restore your device to factory settings.

• Android system crashed and data are inaccessible.

No worries! Learn to Prevent Important from Loss Forever:

1) Scan, restore, and save data onto PC via FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

2) Back up contacts with Gmail and Outlook.


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