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How to Recover Lost Contacts from Google Nexus

By Emily Watson, Sunday, June 07, 2015

Help: "My Nexus 5 was borrowed to my friend yesterday. When he used it, he wrongly tapped the Deleted button and cleared my contacts. I have tried to recover contacts from Nexus 5, but failed. Who can help me?"

Actually, when contacts are lost or deleted, the actual contact data are not erased from Google Nexus, they are still saved on the Android phone's SIM card. You can easily recover deleted phone numbers from Nexus 5 with FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The program can efficaciously scan and get back all your deleted contacts with no info leaks. The program will only recover the original data but not adapt them. This program also works for Nexus 5X/6P/6/5/4 and more.


Part 1: How to Restore Contacts from Nexus 5

Step 1. Plug Nexus 5 to Windows Computer

Run FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Then plug your Nexus 5 to your Windows with a USB cable that came with it. Wait for seconds. The computer is trying to detect your Nexus phone.

Wait for a long time when detecting?

If Google Nexus 5 cannot be recognized by the computer:

1) Ensure that USB driver is installed on your computer.

2) Go to the phone and open the USB debugging.

3) Check the USB cable.

Step 2. Choose File Types to Scan

In this step, choose your wanted file type – Contacts. Then click "Next". The program will scan all the deleted and find out all the contacts including the deleted ones on your Nexus.

Choose Contacts from File Types

Step 3. Give Privilege to Nexus to Scan Google Nexus

Go to your Nexus 5. See the pop up as below and tap "Grant/Allow/Authorize" and allow the software to scan data in the phone.

Allow to Scan Contacts from Nexus

Step 4. Preview and Retrieve Lost Contacts on Nexus 5

Scanning completed. Now select "Contacts" from the left column. You can preview them in details. Tap the ON icon. You can set to preview the deleted ones only. Then mark items you need and click "Recover" to get them back.

Recover Deleted Contacts from Galaxy Nexus


It is suggested that stop using your Nexus 5 once data loss happens. Or you will lose your files permanently since they are overwritten.

If you have a better approach to recover data from Android phones, just leave it below and share with us.

Part 2: VCF/CSV/HTML: What’s the Difference?

The retrieved phone numbers have been stored on your computer in three formats: VCF/CSV/HTML. Open the folder that fits your need.

Recovered Contacts in VCF/CSV/HTML

VCF (also vCard), is superior to CSV in that it can store not only textual and numeric data, but also contact photos, and audio clips (assigned ringtones, for example). VCF files are also widely supported by e-mail clients and services, such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook (2007 or later versions), as a means of importing and exporting contacts. Therefore, if you need to import the contacts to your Nexus, use VCF files.

HTML file presents the contacts information in a very neat and organized way. It is suitable for just reading the contacts.

Recovered Contacts in HTML

CSV (comma- or character-separated values) is one simple and common way to store textual and numeric data (i.e. contact names, phone numbers, etc ). The CSV file can be opened by Microsoft Excel, so choose CSV file if you need to print out the contacts. Also CSV file is often used in importing and exporting contacts by outlook.



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