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How to Put Music on iPod without iTunes

By Emily Watson, Thursday, December 21, 2017

Summary: This guide is about how to transfer music to iPod without iTunes. iTunes is one of the options that allow users to put music on iTunes. But you will see a better way to add music from computer to any iPod below!

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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone

For iPod users, the first thing they would do is put music onto iPod. The sync process is easy. However, for those who use multiple computers, or install new iTunes on PC, they should be familiar with this iTunes alert, "The iPod is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?" If you sync your iPod with iTunes, all the existing music in your iPod will be deleted. To prevent this from happening, you will need a best iTunes alternative, which will keep all of your data safe. Now just scroll down on the screen and check how to do. 

Put Music on iPod Touch/Classic/Shuffle/Nano without iTunes

You are recommended to have a try on FonePaw DoTrans, which can easily transfer music from computer to iPod touch/classic/shuffle/nano without restrictions of iTunes. And when you don't want music on your iPod, you can also use it to delete music from iPod.

Now download the free trial version of FonePaw DoTrans and follow the guide to put music on iPod.


Here is video that will make things more straightforward. But we made it for iPhone instead of iPod. Anyway, you can refer to it as all of the steps are almost the same.

Step 1. Launch FonePaw DoTrans

To start to add songs to iPod without iTunes, you should  double-click FonePaw DoTrans icon and connect iPod to computer. If the iTunes opens automatically, close it since we don't need to use iTunes this time.

Launch FonePaw DoTrans  on Computer

Step 2. Put Music on iPod

In order to download music on iPod Touch without iTunes, for example, you need to choose "Music" at the sidebar menu,, then you can see all audio files including music, ringtones, voice memos, podcasts, Audio Books, iTunes U a list. Now click "Music" > "Add" to move songs from PC to iPod. 

Note: FonePaw DoTrans supports putting music on iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod touch running iOS 6 and above.

Put Music onto iPod

Once the adding process is complete, the songs you want are saved on your iPod. If the music format is not supported by iPod, FonePaw DoTrans can automatically convert it into the compatible format before transferring it to your iPod.

That is the whole guide to put songs on iPod without iTunes. Only two simpe steps and you can get the job done! So why not download and install the FonePaw DoTrans on your PC or Mac to have a try on your own? If you have any problem when following the guide to copy music from computer to iPod, please let us know by writing us a comment.


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