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How to Print Photos from iPhone

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, Dec. 02, 2015

So you've taken many great photos with your iPhone 6s/6 and want them to be printed. May be you want to save the digital photos in a photo album. Or perhaps you just hope to display them as artwork on your wall. But how do you print pictures from your iPhone, how big should you print and at what quality? This article will answer all these questions.

AirPrint is perhaps an ideal choice to print iPhone photos. But if you don't have an AirPrint supported printer or you have many photos to print, you can use FonePaw iOS Transfer to transfer photos from iPhone to computer first and then print them from your computer directly. FonePaw iOS Transfer allows you to export iPhone photos to PC as a whole or selectively. In this way, you can not only print iPhone photos in batch, but also backup them on computer at the same time.

Free download the trial version of the program and follow the guide below to print iPhone photos perfectly.


Part 1: Export iPhone Photos for Printing

Part 2: Printing iPhone Photos – A Guide to Print Size

Part 1: Export iPhone Photos for Printing

1. Connect iPhone to Computer

Run FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer after downloading and installation. Then, connect your iPhone 6s/6/5s to the computer using the USB cable that came with your iPhone.

Connect iPhone to Computer

2. Export photos from iPhone to PC

Click "Photos" tab on the left panel. Preview and choose album or photos that you want to print in your device. Then, click "Export to" > "Export to PC" and browse output location to export selected photos to copy selected photos from iPhone to your computer or laptop.

Export Photos from iPhone to Computer

3. Print iPhone photos

Connect your computer to a printer. Make sure the printer is turned on, has enough ink and is loaded with glossy photo paper. Then, right click on the image file and select "Print".  You may need to adjust the pixels per inch. Don't know how to adjust the pixels and size? Please refer to part 2.

Print iPhone Photos

Part 2: Printing iPhone Photos – A Guide to Print Size

The best print size of iPhone photos can be largely depending on the model of your iPhone and how you crop the picture. It is important to note that what looks good on the screen may not be large enough to print at a large size.

Here is a table of iPhone photo resolutions and print sizes that will help you print great-looking photos.

iPhone Photo Print Sizes


If you want to print more data on your iPhone, like text messages, contacts, etc. you can simply use FonePaw iOS Transfer to export the data to your computer and then print them directly.



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