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How to Merge Contacts on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Thursday, August 23, 2018

This guide will show you how to merge contacts on iPhone. As we use our iPhones to store contacts information, it is easy to generate duplicate contacts. Sometimes, when syncing contacts to iCloud, you get duplicate or even triplicate contacts on iPhone. Also, as your contacts change their phone numbers, duplicate contacts with different phone numbers are created.

Unfortunately, on iPhone’s built-in Contacts app, there is no Merge button and you can only delete duplicate contacts manually. Therefore, here we will introduce several methods to quickly merge contacts on iPhone 5/6/7/8/X.

Merge Contacts on iPhone

Since you are unable to combine iPhone contacts with the built-in Contacts app, you may download a third-party duplicate contact merger on your device.

FonePaw iOS contacts cleaner is the contact merger that you need. The app can detect duplicate contacts on your iPhone and merge them in one tap. What is great about FonePaw is that it can only merge duplicate contacts that are exactly the same, but also contacts with the same phone number but different name as well as contacts under the same name but with different number.

FonePaw App Homepage

Apart from cleaning duplicate contacts, you can also remove duplicate photos, lock private photos with FonePaw app. It is now a free app on App Store.

FonePaw App on App Store

Merge Duplicate Contacts with FonePaw

Step 1 Open FonePaw app on your iPhone. Tap Contacts Clean.

Step 2 All duplicate contacts on your iPhone will be presented and organized in three folders: 

  • Duplicate contacts, the double contacts that are totally the same;

  • Duplicate names, contacts that have the same names but different number;

  • Duplicate number, contact items that contain the same phone number but have different contact names.

FonePaw Contacts Cleaner

Step 3 Tap the hollow circle on the top of duplicate contacts, tap Merge to merge the selected contacts. If you would like merge all contacts on iPhone, tap Select All > Merge. Then all duplicate contacts on your iPhone will be combined.

Merge Duplicate Contacts

Tip: Incomplete Information on FonePaw detect all your iPhone contacts that have no name or phone number so that you can easily delete these redundant contacts.

Incomplete Contacts

Delete/Merge Contacts in iCloud

In fact, there is nothing like Merge option in iCloud. What we are showing here is just a workaround that can remove duplicate contacts on iCloud more quickly than manually deleting the contacts on iPhone one by one.

Step 1 Go to on your iPhone or computer. 

Step 2 Log in with your Apple ID. Select Contacts. 

Step 3 Unlike Contacts app on iPhone, iCloud allows you to delete multiple contacts at once. So select all duplicate contacts you want to delete, navigate to the cog icon and click Delete.

Delete Duplicate Contacts in iCloud

Merge iPhone Contacts on PC

You can also merges duplicate contacts on iPhone with the help of a PC. But you'll need this tool called FonePaw DoTrans to help you. FonePaw DoTrans is originally designed to transfer data from iPhone to computer or between multiple iOS devices. So it can not only transfer your iPhone contacts to PC, but also find and merge duplicate contacts.

Both PC and Mac version of FonePaw DoTrans are available. Download and try its duplicate contact remover.


Step 1 Launch FonePaw DoTrans and connect iPhone to computer.

Step 2 When your iPhone is connected, click "Contacts" in the left side pane. Then in the contacts window, click the button "Find duplicated contacts". The program will start to search for the duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

Step 3 A moment later, any duplicate contacts with the same name, phone number or email on your iPhone will appear in the Merge Duplicate Contacts window. Select a match type. You can either choose to match contacts exactly or match contacts by names, phone number, emails. And then, click "Merge Selected" to delete duplicate iOS contacts.

Merge Duplicate iPhone Contacts

FonePaw DoTrans is a great iTunes alternative in transferring messages, music, videos, photos, contacts, etc. from iPhone to iPhone and from iPhone to computers.

Merge iPhone Contacts on Mac

If you have a Mac and set up iCloud Contacts to have your contacts synced across iPhone and Mac, you can also merge contacts on Mac then the new change will be synced to iPhone. 

Step 1 Open Contacts app on Mac. 

Step 2 Make sure you have selected All Contacts in the Group Panel. Then click Card > Look for Duplicates.... 

Step 3 All duplicate contacts, either contacts with the same name or contacts with the same number will be found. Click Merge to merge the detected duplicate contacts. 

Step 4 Open your iPhone, you will find the duplicate contacts are also combined on your iOS devices. 

Merge Duplicate Contacts on Mac

If you don’t use iCloud Contacts, you can also use iTunes to sync contacts between iPhone and Mac. If you have other question about merging duplicate contacts on iPhone, leave your question below.

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