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How to Get and Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Friday, Jan. 15, 2016

Listening to audiobooks on iPhone is a convenient, fashion and time-saving way for entertaining, relaxing and learning something new. But where can we get audiobooks? How can we add them to our iPhone, iPad or iPod? In this post, I will answer these two questions in details.

To elaborate on this question, we divide this post into two parts:

Part 1: Where to Get and Download Audiobooks

Part 2: How to Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone

Part 1: Where to Get and Download Audiobooks

There are numerous websites offering free & cheap audiobooks downloads. Here are our picks for the some websites for getting audiobooks for your iPhone.

1. iBook Store

Apple sells audiobooks via the iBook Store where can be accessed via the iBooks app on your iPhone. Open iBooks app, go to Featured > Audiobooks and then tap on any book to see more information. You can also tap the Preview icon to listen to an audio extract. If you like the book, you tap the price and click Buy Audiobook. The bad news is that there are no free audiobooks in iBooks (or at least none that we can see).

Buy Audiobooks from iBook Store

Note: It used to be that audiobooks were available from the iTunes Store alongside Music, Films, and TV Shows. Since iOS 8.4 audiobooks have been available from the iBooks Store, accessed via the iBooks app on your iOS devices.

2. YouTube

You might be surprised to see YouTube in this list. But YouTube is a great source for audiobooks. You can find the audiobook you need by using the query [your book title] + audiobook. Then copy the URL of the audiobook and paste the URL into FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate to download it.

Download and install FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate on your computer -> Click "Download" icon of the program and paste the URL –> Download audiobook from YouTube -> Select the output format of the books and click "Convert" to get the books on your computer.


3. Audible

Audible is Amazon-owned audiobook service. It offers more than 180,000 audiobooks as well as audio newspapers and magazines of all types. All the audiobooks can be directly available on iPhone, iPod, Android, Windows phone and Kindle Fire. But the service will charge you $14.95 subscription for one book per month after 30 days free trial.

Part 2: How to Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone

After downloading audiobooks from many websites, the next thing you need to do is import these audiobooks into iPhone. To finish this task most efficiently, you can make use of a tool called FonePaw iOS Transfer. With this tool, you are entitled to batch transfer audiobooks to iPhone 6s/6/5s/5/4s, iPad or iPod. Better yet, if the audiobooks you have just got are not in the formats that iPhone supported, this program has the ability to automatically convert them to M4B audiobook format that iOS devices supported. For example, convert MP3 files to M4B.

Download the program below on your computer and follow the steps to get and listen to audiobooks on iPhone.


1. Connect iPhone to PC

Connect your iPhone to computer after running the program. After detected, you can see the basic info your device on the main window.

Connect iPhone to PC

2. Transfer Audiobooks to iPhone

Click "Media" in left. Then, find "Audio Books" on the top menu on the right side. Click it. Next, click the "Add" icon and select the audiobooks you need from your computer. The program will start copying audiobooks to your device once you hit "Open" after choosing all you want.

Transfer Audiobooks to iPhone

3. Listen Audiobooks on iBook

Now, open iBook app and go to "My Books" > "Audiobooks" to enjoy.

Listen Audiobooks on Your iPhone

Thanks to audiobook distribution services and FonePaw iOS Transfer, it is much more convenient than before to get and listen to audiobooks on iPhone. If you have a need, you can also use FonePaw iOS Transfer to get ringtones, podcasts, music, etc. to your iOS devices.



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