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How to Quickly Find and Delete Audiobooks from iPhone

By Emily Watson, Monday, Jan. 11, 2016

Audiobooks are a great way to pass time while you're exercising, traveling or even doing chores. But they are often several hours long and can be rather large, thus preventing you from downloading new audiobooks. If you find yourself needing to remove old audiobooks from your iPhone, iPad or iPod, scroll down your mouse and read on.

Solution 1: Delete Audiobooks Directly from iPhone

Solution 2: Remove Old Audiobooks from iPhone in Batch

Solution 1: Delete Audiobooks Directly from iPhone

Since iOS 8.4, Apple relocates audiobooks out of the Music app into iBooks. Some users that didn't notice the change are asking, "Where are my audiobooks on my iPhone?" Actually, you can now find and delete audiobooks on your iPhone in iBooks app.

1. Find Audiobooks on iPhone

Just open iBook app on your iPhone and navigate to "My Books". Then, tap "Collections" and select "Audiobooks". Tap "Done" and all audiobooks on your iPhone will be displayed.

Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone

2. Delete Audiobooks from iPhone Directly

If you want to delete any audiobook, tap "Select" at the upper-right corner and then tick the books you don't need any more. Tap "Delete" and confirm the action.

Delect Audiobooks from iPhone

Solution 2: Remove Old Audiobooks from iPhone in Batch

The FonePaw iOS Transfer not only helps people in transferring files between iOS devices and computer, but gives a hand to users in managing iPhone files. It allows users to delete audiobooks, photos, podcast, music, videos and more from iPhone for freeing up the limited storage. Since the program is able to scan your iPhone and find the audiobooks on your phone automatically, you don't need to search them on your device aimlessly. Better still, this program supports deleting audiobooks in batch.

Download the program on your computer and give it a try.


1. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable

After downloading, get the program installed and launched on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone. The tool automatically detects the device and displays the user interface on the computer screen.

Main Interface of FonePaw iOS Transfer

2. Remove audiobooks from iPhone

Click "Media" tab and choose "Audiobooks". You can see the name, length, size, author and rating of all your audiobooks. Select those you want to remove and click "Delete".

Remove Audiobooks from iPhone

After deleting audiobooks, you can continue to use FonePaw iOS Transfer to delete iPhone photos, movies, contacts, music, iTunes U items, etc. that you don't need any more to manage iPhone storage. However, let me repeat it: backup your iPhone first.



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