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How to Extract Photos from iPhone or iPad

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, August 23,2016

It is ordinary for us to keep lots of photos on our iPhone or iPad. But sometimes we may want to extract photos from our iPhone to PC. Just like that:

1. I chat with my friends on the Internet and I want to share my photos with them. But I took photos by my iPhone. So I want to transfer photos from device to PC.

2. I need to edit my photos like PS from my iPhone. I want to extract them to my computer to finish this job.

3. I am the one who always deletes my photos by mistake. Making a backup copy is a good idea for me. It would be better if I can do this job by a simple way.

Maybe you have several different ways to extract photos from iPhone to your computer. But I dare to say, I get a more effective and simple way with the help of FonePaw iOS Transfer. Almost all the versions like iPhone 7/SE/ 6s/ 6 and iPad Pro/Air/Mini can fit the software well. Just in several minutes, you can transfer your photos from your device to PC.


Part 1: How to Extract Photos from iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Download FonePaw iOS Transfer and Run it

First of all, please download the software on your computer. Just follow the tips of installation and you can install it easily. Once it has been installed, please run it!

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to PC

Please connect your device to computer via USB cable of iPhone. Then you can see a pop-up window. Please tap "Trust" so that the data and information can be accessible from this computer.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 3. Choose the Photos to Extract

You can see several items on the left pane. Please click "Photos" and you can select the ones you want to transfer to your computer.


1. The photos have been sorted out into different items and you can find out the pictures easier.

Camera Roll: Photos including Panoramas taken with your iPhone Camera are kept in Camera Roll.

Photo Library: Photos saved in your iPhone Photo Library are synced from your computer, downloaded from Internet or sent by the other device.

Other photos from Instant Message: Other Photos from Instant Message like Instagram, Whatsapp could be found in the items which are named after IM itself.

2. You can see the thumbnails show on the page. But if you want it clear, you can right-click the picture and choose "Preview" to play photos.

3. If you want to choose several photos at the same time, please keep pressing the control key or the shift key on your keyboard and select the pictures.

Photos for Camera Roll on iPhone

Step 4. Export to PC

Once you have choose the photos you want to transfer, please click "Export to > Export to PC". Then the photos would be transfer to your PC. The job is done!

Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer

Part 2: FAQ of Photos Transfer

1.I don't know where the transferred photos are after I finish extract. How can I find them out?

1)When the job is done, you can see a dialog that notice you the photos are exported successfully. You can check the outcomes by path that shown in the dialog or just click "Open Folder" in the dialog.

Dialog of Exported Photos

2)After you choose the photos you want to transfer, you can make a new folder to save them. In that way, you will find the folder easily.

2. I can only transfer 20 photos and this software couldn’t extract photos anymore. Why?

It is because your FonePaw iOS Transfer is unregistered and you can get 30 days for free trial. The free trial version has some functional limitations. You can only import 20 and export 20 photos. So if you feel good about this software, why not get a registered version. You can use it without any functional limitation.

3. Why I fail to connect my iPhone to PC?

If you can’t connect iPhone to your computer, please try to:

1)Remove the device and try to reconnect again.

2)Make sure your USB cable is matched to your iPhone.

3)Your iOS version needs to be higher than iOS 6.

Isn't it so easy to transfer photos from iPhone to PC? Actually, Fonepw iOS Transfer not only can manage your photos well, it can do the same job to music, books, contact and so on. Of cause it is easy to operate as well. If you get any problems, no matter for the software or device, please let us know.



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