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How to Export iPhone Safari Bookmarks

By Emily Watson, Monday, March 14, 2016

Safari, as the built-in browser of iPhone, has been widely used by iPhone users since its debut due to its great compatibility with iOS device running from iOS 6 to iOS 10 and quick response.  Whatever things we don't know occur, we search online via Safari to figure it out. And gradually, a great number of bookmarks, search history and junk file find their way on Safari which is usually becoming the culprit of preventing Safari from performing smoothly. To lower the burden, we choose to output Safari bookmarks to other browser on PC and delete them on iPhone.

It contains two parts to get iPhone Safari bookmarks transferred into your computer.

Part 1: Sync Safari Bookmarks into iCloud on iPhone

1. Launch Settings app on iPhone.

2. Tap on iCloud option to log in your iCloud account with Apple ID if you haven't yet.

3. Scroll down to locate Safari. Switch its icon into ON position. When prompted by a window pops up at the bottom carrying messages that your Safari data will be merged with iCloud. Press Merge to continue.

Launch Settings App on iPhone

Part 2: Export Safari Bookmarks from iCloud to PC

You can't access Safari history directly to your computer unless you install iCloud Control Panel.

1. Download iCloud Control Panel which is free and install it as instructions.

2. After installing, launch it. Input Apple ID and password then click the Sign In button at the bottom of the window.

Export Safari Bookmarks from iCloud

3. Check Bookmark > Options. A window will pops up with options for you to choose one or more browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. you want to export bookmarks to. After deciding the desired browsers, click OK to return to iCloud interface.

Check Bookmark Options

4. Click Apply when you done. This will prompt you to ask if you'd like to merge the bookmark between your browser and the bookmarks already stored in iCloud. You only have the merge option, click Merge to continue.

Merge Safiri with Chrome

5. If you want to use iCloud sync with Chrome, you will be informed you need to download the iCloud Bookmarks extension.

Download Safari Bookmarks

6. After downloading, click "Add to Chrome" and the iCloud Bookmarks extension will appear in the upper-right corner with all your other extensions. The process is similar on Firefox. The browser will open to the extension page and you will need to click "Add to Firefox" to install it.

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