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How to Export iPhone Calendar

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, March 09, 2016

It is not easy for you to get iPhone Calendar exported to an external device or your computer as there is no export option on iPhone to export Calendar directly as an email attachment. However, there are alternatives that you can export iPhone Calendar. If you use a Mac, this will automatically put the Calendar into iCalendar. Alternatively, you can output Calendar through iCloud.

The premise that you can export iPhone Calendar through iCloud is that you synced your Calendar to iCloud. If you haven't synced it yet, please go to Settings > iCloud, and then flip the switch of Calendar into ON position.


Now let's get down to business to see how you can export iPhone Calendar off via iCloud.

1. Go to via a web browser and log in with your Apple ID.

2. Hit on Calendar icon to open it.

Hit on Calendar Icon

3. In the left sidebar you will see all calendar names you have created, click each on them to preview events under them in the right interface.

4. Move your cursor to the icon of a calendar name which you want to export. You will see words shown as Share Calendar. Click it and a window will appear.

5. Click the checkbox of Public Calendar in the pop-up window to display the webcal URL. Click it and hit OK.

Copy Webcal on Program

6. Open a new tab via browser and input http:// and paste the webcal URL in the web site entry. Press Enter to open the URL.

7. After you press Enter key, a download window will pop up for you to choose a local path to save the Calendar file. Then a file in .ics format containing all calendar events will be downloaded and preserved in your computer. You are able to open it with Microsoft Outlook.

Save Calendar Files

Now you can import this .ics file to Google Calendar or other calendar platform. You can even move this iPhone calendar to your Android phone.

By the way, though you can export iPhone calendar via iCloud, you cannot export all iPhone files such as music, books, ringtones, videos, etc. in this way. So if you want to export more files off your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/5s, you can make advantage of FonePaw iOS Transfer. This program does great job in exporting photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS, playlists, movies, etc. from iPhone/iPad to computer. You can also use it as an iTunes alternative to backup iPhone with few clicks.



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