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How to Edit MP4 Videos on Windows

By Emily Watson, Thursday, April 11, 2019

"I have a big folder full of MP4 files, but I only want a certain section of each one. I have been looking for ages for a good and easy-to-use video editor to cut and edit MP4 files. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

"I have several mp4 movies that I would like to edit (take off the beginning scenes of each movie) and then tie them together. What tool can be helpful?"

Whether you want to cut an MP4 video to split it, crop the black bar, merge them into one, rotate or change resolutions, there are many great video editors to help you

Here I will recommend PawEditor. It enables you to edit MP4 videos in simple steps and provides a wide range of effects, transitions, animation to make videos that look professional. 

Download the free trial version of this program below and run it on your computer. Then add an MP4 video into PawEditor. You can then start to edit the video. 



Cut MP4 Video

Drag the MP4 video clip into the timeline. If you would like to cut the MP4 file into one or more clips, highlight the file in the timeline and move the blue marker to where you want to cut the MP4 video. Right-click and select Clip. The MP4 video will be separated into 2 clips. You can repeat it to cut the MP4 video into more clips.

Clip MP4 Video

For the unneeded parts of the MP4 video, click Delete to cut them out. 

Crop MP4 Video 

If there is an unwanted object in an MP4 video, you can crop and remove the object from the MP4 video. Select an MP4 video clip in the timeline, right-click, and select Crop. Then you may adjust the size of the dashed rectangle to select the area that you need. And the area outside the rectangle will be cropped from the MP4 video.

Crop Video

Merge MP4 Clips

Add all MP4 videos you want to combine into the PawEditor library. Then put all videos you want to merge in one track of Timeline in the order that you like. If you like, you can add a transition between the MP4 clips so that they will look like a complete video to the viewers.

Combine Video

Add Background Music to MP4 Video

When an MP4 video is add in one track in the timeline. Add a music file to the library and drag and drop the music on another track.

Add Audio to Video

Adjust Effects on MP4

To have a better watching experience, you can also add effects, transitions, or color filters to the MP4 video. PawEditor comes with a wide range of effects and filters. 

Transition Library

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