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How to Edit MP4 Videos on Windows & Mac

By Emily Watson, Thursday, August 27, 2015

Can you Recommend an Easy-to-Use MP4 Editor?

"I have a big folder full of MP4 files, but I only want a certain section of each one. I have been looking for ages for a good and easy-to-use video editor to cut and edit MP4 files, but I have so far been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

"I have several mp4 movies that I would like to edit (take off the beginning scenes of each movie) and then tie them together. What tool can be helpful?"

The Recommended MP4 Video Editor

Whether you want to cut your MP4 video clips down to size, crop the black bar, add watermark or special effects or merge them into one, there are many great video editors are helpful.

Here I will recommend FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate just because this software is not only helpful in editing MP4 files, but professional in converting video, which is also important for movie lovers to enjoy the multimedia life.

Download the free trial version of this program below and run it on your computer. Then, keep reading this article to know what surprises FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can bring to you.


How to Easily Edit MP4 Video on Windows or Mac

1. Cut MP4 Video

To cut your MP4 video and get the wanted part, click "Add File(s)" to upload the source videos to the program. Then, click "Edit" > "Clip". Next, drag the left and right triangles under the progress bar where you want to trim. The time will be shown in the Start Time box and End Time box for your reference. Click "OK" to save the setting when you've competed MP4 cutting.

Cut MP4 Video File

2. Merge MP4 Clips

Add all MP4 files you want to combine to the program, and then check "Merge into one file" and click "Convert". You can get the merged MP4 file in the destination folder on your computer.

Tips: Before joining, you'd better reorder your MP4 files in the right order you want.

Merge MP4 Clips into One

3. Adjust Effects on MP4

To have a better watching experience, you can also adjust the effects of the MP4 video. Go to Edit > Effect, then adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of your video.

Add Effect to MP4

4. Add Watermark and Special Effects to MP4

Select the MP4 video you want to add watermark. Then, click "Edit" > "Watermark". Now you can add either text or picture as the watermark to your video.

Add Watermark and Special Effects to MP4 Videos

5. Edit the Audio of MP4 Video

Sometimes you may need to adjust the settings of the audio in your MP4 videos. To do it, click "Settings". In "Audio Settings" part, you can change the encoder, channels, sample rate and bitrate of the audio.

Setting of the MP4 Videos

6. Save and Share Edited MP4 Video(s)

When all editing is done, hit "Convert" to save the edited MP4 files on Windows or Mac.

With FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate, you can also convert your MP4 videos to any format like WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc. and save these videos to fit more portable players like iPhone, iPad, Android or upload files to Youtube directly to share with friends.



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