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How to Delete Photos from iPhone

By Emily Watson, Friday, Apr 10, 2015

Top 4 reasons for wanting to delete photos from iPhone/iPad:

1. It's a great or even the best way to free up space on your iPhone.
2. You have a large number of unwanted or duplicated photos.
3. You have already transfer iPhone photos to your computer and don't use your iPhone to view those photos any more.
4. You want to remove some personal content on your iPhone.

Whatever the reason, you need to find a way – a quick way to delete photos from iPhone. Users can select photos in the "Collection and Moments" folder by tapping the "Select" button at the upper right corner, and then delete the photos with ease. And with iOS 8 and the above, repeat the steps in "Recently Deleted".

Yet, deleting pictures synced from computer can be a tedious task since Apple doesn't allow you to delete them from iPhone directly. At this moment, FonePaw iOS Transfer can help you a lot. Though the main function of this program is to help you freely transfer files among iOS devices, computers and iTunes, it may also help you a lot in managing iPhone files. With this software, you can transfer photos from iPhone to PC and vice verse. You are also allowed to delete iPhone photos and create iPhone photo albums effortlessly.

Click "Download" to get the trial version of FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer.


 Delete Photos from iPhone 6s/6/5s

1. Connect iPhone to computer

After downloading, install and launch the program. Then, connect iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. When connecting successfully, you can see your iPhone is displayed as what the screenshot below shows.

FonePaw iOS Transfer Recognize iPhone

2. Backup iPhone photos before deletion (Optional)

To avoid any accident deletion, you are advised to backup your iPhone photos to computer first. Click "Photos" in the left hand and then select all photos you need and click "Export to" > "Export to PC" to make iPhone photos backup.

Backup iPhone Photos to PC

3. Delete photos from iPhone

Click "Photos" on the left sidebar. Then, you can see photos are saved in different folder. Click "Photo Library" folder > choose the photos you want to delete > click "Delete" on the top toolbar. Then a window will pop up - Are you sure you want to deleted the selected items, click "Yes" to continue.

Delete Photos from iPhone Quickly

Just in 3 simple steps, you can delete all the photos you unwanted in a batch. Since FonePaw iOS Transfer supports all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod, all this information applies to the iPad too. The process is exactly the same whether you want to delete photos from iPad or iPhone.

By the way, if you delete iPhone photos by accident, you can also use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted photos from iPhone.



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