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How to Crop Video on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android

By Lois Green, Monday, April 28, 2019

Can you crop a video?

Sometimes, the videos we shot could be ruined by unexpected objects. For example, in the corner of a beautiful garden there lies a recycle bin. Can you crop the video to remove the recycle bin?

Also, you may also need to crop a video for uploading a video of aspect ratio 16:9 onto Instagram, Twitter, etc., which require 1:1 square videos or 9:16 vertical videos.

There are many video croppers that enable you to crop videos. Here I will introduce methods of cropping videos on 4 types of commonly-used devices: Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

How to Crop Video on Windows

The most common device we edit our videos on is the computer with Windows system. To crop a video on Windows, we can use PawEditor, an easy-to-use and powerful video editing software. In PawEditor, you can crop a video to any size you want, such as crop video to square, portrait, landscape to make it perfect for Instagram Stories, IGTV, Facebook videos, other video sharing platforms. 

PawEditor can also crop videos to remove unwanted parts of the videos, adjust video position, resize videos, merge videos, add filter/effects to videos and more.

Step 1: Download PawEditor by clicking the below button and install it on PC.


Step 2: After installing, click the PawEditor icon to launch it.

Step 3: Add a video into the editor for cropping. Double click the blank space under Library tab and navigate to the path where the video is in the File Explorer. Select the video and click OK to add it.

Import Video to Crop

Step 4: After importing the video, move the mouse cursor onto the video and you will see a "+" icon; click it to add it onto the timeline.

Add Video to Timeline

Step 5: After adding video, you will notice the video appearing on a certain track; right-click the video on the track and click "Crop".

Crop Video

Step 6: After clicking "Crop", you will see an interface for you to adjust the parameters related to "Crop" beside the Preview Window.

Step 7: You can directly drag the dashed-line rectangle around the video to change its position and crop it. When cropping a video, you need to click the big round dot and drag it to select the area you want to save. The unselected area will be cropped.

Cropping Video

Or you can change the parameters: changing Horizontal and Vertical parameters will not resize the cropping area while only move the position of the video; changing Width and Height parameters will change the video size and crop the video to square, portrait, etc.

After cropping, click"Export video and play" icon on the left top of the main window to save the cropped video. Before saving, you can change its resolution, aspect ratio, format, frame rate, etc. to make the video perfect for Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, etc.

Export Video

How to Crop Video on Mac

On the Mac, you can use the built-in software, iMovie, to crop a video. Below are the steps to crop videos with iMovie on Mac.

Step 1: Open iMovie and launch a project.

Step 2: Click the place where there is "Import Media" and select the video you want to crop.

Import Video to iMovie

Step 3: Drop the video clip in the timeline.

Step 4: Click the Cropping button above the preview window and you will see three cropping styles: "Crop to Fill",  "Fit",  "Ken Burns". Select "Crop to Fill".

  • "Fit" is used to restore a video back to its original 4:3 frame;

  • "Ken Burns" is used to apply a ken burns effect.

Crop Video in iMovie

Step 5: After selecting, you will see an adjustable frame around the video in the viewer.

Step 6: Just adjust the frame to crop a video and select the part you would like to save. Click the "Apply" button to get cropped video from iMovie.

How to Crop A Video on iPhone

If you want to use the iPhone to quickly crop a video, you need to first download a video cropper for iPhone - Video Crop. This is a free and user-friendly app. Let's see how to crop iPhone video with the cropper.

Step 1: Go to App Store and search "Video Crop" and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the app and tap the icon in the middle of the interface.

Step 3: After tapping the icon, you will see all the videos from your Photos app.

Step 4: Select the video you'd like to crop and tap the checkmark on the top right corner.

Step 5: After tapping the checkmark, you will see a box around the video you want to crop; Drag the white dot at the corners of the box to crop the video; tap the center of the box to move the box to adjust the cropping area.

Crop Video on iPhone

Step 6: Tap the icon at the top right corner to finish cropping.

After cropping, you will see two options: "Save" and "More". Tapping "Save" will not overwrite the original video and tapping "More" enables you to share it.

How to Crop Video on Android

If you use an Android phone, you can download an app to crop video - "Crop&Trim Video". This is also a simple-to-use app and you can just drag and scale part of the video that you want to crop. You can follow the below steps to crop a video.

Step 1: Open the video cropper and select the video you want to crop.

Step 2: Select "Crop".

Step 3: A rectangle will appear around the video. Adjust the rectangle to crop the unwanted part of the video.

Step 4: After you are done cropping, tap on the checkmark at the top right corner to save the cropped video.

Crop Video in Android

This app also allows you crop videos to an aspect ratio of 1:1, 9:16, etc.

Cropping video is easy in any device. Just choose the right cropping tool to help you. If you would like to make more editing on the video, a desktop video editor is a better choice.

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