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How to Clip A Video(YouTube Video)

By Lois Green, Monday, April 8, 2019

Sometimes, you need to clip a video to get the best part out of it. For example, there is a 10-minute long YouTube video and you want to clip it for a PowerPoint presentation; or you have recorded footage and need to cut out the part that may spoil the whole video.

To clip a video, you need a video trimmer. And PawEditor is a video editor that can clip a video to remove the unwanted part or shorten a video. The good things about taking a clip from a video with PawEditor is that the editor can also combine, crop, rotate a video and add effects, music, titles, animations, etc. to improve the video.


Making a clip from a video or a YouTube video is easy with PawEditor. There are 4 steps.

Step 1: Download a YouTube video(Optional)

If you need to clip a YouTube video, the first thing you should do is to download the video from YouTube to your local storage.

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video that you are going to take a clip from.

  • Paste the URL into YouTube video downloader and click Download.

Download YouTube Video

Step 2: Import your video to the video trimmer

Open PawEditor. Select New Project to start a project.

Create New Projecti

Navigate to Library tab, double click the empty area and select a video to import to the library.


Step 3: Clip a video(YouTube video)

There are two ways to clip a video on PawEditor.

Rough cut a video

You can adjust the starting and ending point of a video with Rough Cut in PawEditor. This is usually used when you need to cut out the beginning or end of a video and take a clip from the middle of the YouTube video or video from other sources.

  • Right-click the imported video in the Library.  

  • Select Rough Cut.  

  • Drag the blue slider to where you want the video clip to begin and end.  

  • Click Import and drag the clip to Timeline.

Select Rought Cut

Rough Cut Video

Clip a video in Timeline

If you want to cut out the middle of a (YouTube) video, you need to clip the video in the Timeline.

  • In the Timeline, select the track that you have added the video.

  • Drag the cursor to the point that you want to make a clip.  

  • Right click the track and select Clip.

  • After getting the clip you need, right click unneeded clip(s) and select Delete Edit to remove clips.

Clip A Video

Delete Edit

Step 4: Save the clipped video

If you like, you can continue to edit the video clip with transitions, effects, filters and other editing tools on PawEditor. If the clip looks good to you, click Edit video and play to save the clip on your computer in the format you like.

Click Export Video and Play

Export Video Clip

If you have any question about making a clip from a video or YouTube video, leave your question below. 

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