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Secure & Easy Way to Lock and Encrypt iPhone Photos

By Lois Green, Thursday, August 23, 2018

You may want to lock some private photos on iPhone so that they can be seen by nobody but you. If you want to lock photos on iPhone without app, you can directly hide photos on Photos app of iPhone, however, the hidden photos album on iPhone is not encrypted so the private pictures are still visible in the Photos app. While some people might choose to lock their private pictures in the Notes app, it is inconvenient to view locked photos on Notes app (After all, the Notes app is not designed to store or lock photos.) 

Lock iPhone Photos

To password protect iPhone photos and keep private photos safe, you are strongly recommended to try FonePaw App , a lock photo app that can lock pictures on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X securely. The following is how this app lock iPhone pictures.

Download FonePaw App from App Store and open the app, you can see that the app is also able to delete duplicate photos and contacts. Tap the last icon Private Photo to access its photos encryption feature.

FonePaw App on App Store

FonePaw App Homepage

If you are opening the FonePaw Private Photos album for the first time, you'll be asked to set up a passcode which allows you to access the private photo vault next time. So it is important for you to remember the passcode as you cannot access your locked photos in the photo vault without it. 

Set Passcode to Lock Private Photos

In case you forget your password, tap Setting > passcode recovery, you can send the password to yourself by email through the app. Also, you can reset your passcode anytime you like.

Email Private Photos Vault Passcode

Inside the Private Photo Vault, you can see two methods to lock pictures on iPhone: "Default Album" & "Masked Photos". The former can create a passcode encrypted album to lock your private photos and remove these photos from the Photos app. And "Masked Photos" can lock a private photo with another photo so that the private photo will appear as the other photo in Photo app.

Private Photo Vault on iPhone

Now let's see how to lock photos on iPhone/iPad with "Default Album" and "Masked Photos". 

Default Album: Lock Photos on iPhone with Passcode 

With Default Album, you can create your own private photo albums to lock iPhone photos with passcode. To view the locked photos, you’ll enter password to unlock the Private Photos Vault.

Step 1. Tap "+New Album" at the bottom to create a private photos album.

Create Private Album to Lock Photos

Step 2.Enter the album , then tap Add to select private photo either from Moment or Library. A piece of message will pop out asking if you allow FonePaw to modify this photo. Tap Modify then the photo will be successfully locked in the created album. 

Allow to Lock Photo on iPhone

Step 3. After the photo is kept in FonePaw app, you will see another message asking whether you allow "FonePaw" to delete this photo from the Photos app or not. If you are sure, tap Delete, then the photo will disappear from Photos app.

Delete Locked Photo from Photos App

In just a few steps, now your private photos has all been kept safe in a secret album. But if you change your mind and want to unlock the photos , it is also easy to do. Select the photos you would like to put back the to default Photos app, then tap the share icon at the left bottom. Choose Save Image, the photos will then go back to Photos app again. You can also delete it from you private photos album by clicking the delete icon at the right bottom.   

Mask photos: Lock Photos on iPhone with Other Photos

Mask Photos allows you to lock the photos with a mask instead of a passcode. This saves you trouble of removing private photos from the Photos app. By disguising the private photos, you no longer have to worry about privacy when others browse your album, for all they see is only an illusion. Sounds smart, isn't it? Follow the steps and see how to lock a photo by masking it with another photo :

Step 1. Tap Mask Photos.

Step 2. At the top of the interface, swipe from right to left to select the photo you want to lock.

Select Photo to Mask

Step 3.Tap "Masked by" at the left bottom, tap "+" to select a mask from your album. 

Step 4.Then tap Mask at the right top.

Lock Photo with A Mask

Step 5. A piece of pop-out message will ask you whether you allow FonePaw to modify this photo. Tap modify. The photo is then locked and encrypted. All other people can see is another related photo.

You can see the masking result of the original photo at the top. There is no problem if you want to unmask the photos. Just tap "Revert" at the right top , again select Modify to get the locked photo back to Photos app.

Unlock Masked Photo

If you feel like viewing all your masked locked photos, tap the drop-down icon at the very top of the interface, and select "Masked photos" where you can see all the photos that are masked, including the originals and their disguises.

If you are interested in locking photos on iPhone with FonePaw App, download it and have a try by yourself! It is now free on App Store.

FonePaw App on App Store

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