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[Solved] My iPhone Won' t Make or Receive Calls

By Lois Green, Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Phones are made to make or receive calls, of course. Yet sometimes you may be unable to make or receive calls on your iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6/6s/5, which would be a nightmare when you are in an emergency or in danger. You may be sitting for a long time to wait for an important call, but your iPhone can't receive it, or you can't make any call although you can still text. What can I do when my iPhone can't make or receive calls? Here, we provide you with six approaches for you to tackle the issue:

Then follow these methods to fix the iPhone not making or receiving calls issue, which work for all models of iPhone.

Approach 1: Check if iPhone is mute

You may accidentally press the mute button on the side of your iPhone. If that happens, you can't receive incoming calls because when it is calling, your iPhone can't ring to notify you the incoming calls. 

iPhone Mute Button

Approach 2: Disable Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb

In most cases, your iPhone has nothing wrong but you may accidentally have some settings turned on that prevents you from making or receiving calls. Sometimes you do not want to be disturbed so you open the Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb but you forget to turn them off later, or you may mistakenly open them. In that case, you should: 

1. Pull up Control Center from the bottom of your iPhone screen, tap Airplane Mode button (a plane) or Do Not Disturb button (a moon) and turn it off.

2. Or you can go to Settings > Airplane Mode / Do Not Disturb to turn it off. You can learn more at iPhone Not Ringing on Incoming Calls (Solved)

Turn off Do Not Disturb

Approach 3: Update iOS

For some people, it's not their iPhones but the iOS system. "Why my iPhone 5s/6/6s/7 can't make calls after updating to iOS 10/11/11.1/11.2?" is the question most frequently asked. One of the reason may be your iOS version are not the newest, so there may be some bugs in the older version to keep you from making calls. So Update your iOS to the latest version.

Update iOS

Approach 4: Check Signal Strength on Your iPhone

If the signal bars are low, iPhone may be getting a weak signal. 

Try move around and reposition your phone or move near a window especially when you are indoors. If that does not work, iPhone probably doesn't make or receive calls because of the network problem. 

Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings". If these do not work, contact your carrier to find out the following: 

  • If you are within the network coverage area. 

  • If there is a network outage. 

  • The account is properly configured to your phone. 

Approach 5: Unblock Phone Number

In some cases, chances are the number you are trying to call is in the block list on your iPhone and that’s why you are not able to make a call. Therefore, check the block list to see if you block the phone number: 

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification. 

Ensure that the number you are trying to reach is not listed there as a blocked number. 

Approach 6: Pay Phone Bill on Time

It may sound stupid but it is often the case that people forget to pay their phone bill on time and later find themselves unable to make any call. Seriously you should contact your carrier to make sure your account has balance. 

Please let us know if the solutions we provide work and leave your comments under the comment box if you have a better way to solve it!

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