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How to Hide Photos on iPhone/iPad

By Lois Green, Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We like to share with others the great photos we have captured on iPhone and iPad. But have you ever had such an embarrassing experience that you would like to show others some interesting photos while at the same time you worry that they might see some private photos on your iPhone/iPad, which you would like to keep to yourself? 

You choose to remove those private photos on iPhone/iPad to other devices or a cloud service, but it would be quite a time drain. Or you can hide photos on iPhone 5/6/6s/7/7 Plus/8/X or iPad Pro/Mini/Air. 

Today we will share with you three ways to make your iPhone photos private: you can hide photos on iPhone Camera Roll; password protect pictures by using the Notes app; use lock picture app to create a truly private album and keep your private photos secure.

Create A Hidden Photo Album on iPhone 5/6/7/8/X

You can create a hidden album to hide pics on iPhone and iPad. All your private photos can be hidden from Camera Roll and moved to this hidden album.

Step One Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step Two Select the photo you would like to hide.

Step Three Tap the Share icon in the lower left corner and select Hide.

Step Four Confirm to hide the picture. Then the picture will disappear from Camera Roll. But you can find them in the Hidden album on Photos App. 

Hide Photos on iPhone


  • On iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6 Plus and iPad on iOS 10, the hidden photos cannot be seen in Years, Moments, Collections, but they are visible in All Photos.

  • On iOS 11/iOS 12 devices, the hidden photos can only be seen in the Hidden album.

Hidden Album on iPhone

You should notice that the Hidden album is not password protected. This means that anyone who looks through your iPhone or iPad can find those hidden photos easily. So the Hidden album is not actually hiding your private photos but just gathering those picture in one album. If what you want is to lock pictures on iPhone/iPad so no one can access, you should use the methods in Part 2 and 3

Password Protect Photos with Notes on iPhone/iPad

If you don't want others to see your private photos in the Photos app, you can lock them in another place. Most people don't know the built-in Notes App is also a safe place to keep private photos from prying eyes.

Only devices that are running iOS 10 or later are able to lock pictures with the Notes app. So you should first go to the Settings > General > About to check your iOS version and make sure that your iOS supports the lock function of the Notes app.

If you want to keep your locked pictures in Notes app out of the cloud, you also need to tap the Notes app in Settings, and enable "On My iPhone Notes account".

Turn On My iPhone Account

Hide iPhone/iPad Photos Using Note App

Step One  Locate the photo you want to hide in the Photos app.

Step Two Tap the Share icon and save the photo to your Notes app.

Add Photo to Note

Step Three Open a newly created note, tap the Share icon, then Lock the note. A message would then pop out asking you to type password and verify it. You can also leave yourself a hint in case you forget the password later on. Select Done then the note is locked.

Lock Photo in Notes

Step Four Return to the Photos app and delete the photo from the app. 

In this way, your photos have password protected within Notes app. But it should be noted that the photo you delete from the Photos app will stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days. Therefore, If you want to completely remove it, don't forget to empty the folder.

If you change your mind, it is also easy to revert the hidden photo from Note app to Camera Roll. All you need to do is to open the locked note with your hidden photo, tap the photo, then tap Share icon at the left bottom; select Save Image, then the photo will be put back to the Photos app.

Though the Notes app can keep your private photos safe, it has some shortcomings, too. First of all, you are not allowed to create a private photo album where all your locked photos can be put together, rather, you have to lock them in separate notes, which is quite inconvenient for viewing. Besides, enquiring minds might be quick to find that you have locked notes on your iPhone or iPad and curious about what you are hiding from them.

Hide Photos in Secret Photo Album

If you want to create your own secret album on iPhone or iPad; or if you want to hide some photos without letting anyone know their existence, you are recommended to download a professional lock photo app to hide photos. 

FonePaw App is a multipurpose iOS app with a private photo vault to password protect photos on your iPhone/iPad. It has two unique functions to help you hide the pictures: 1. Hide the photos in its Private Photos Vault, which cannot be opened without password; 2. Hide a picture with another picture so that your private photo will look like another normal photo in Camera Roll.

Download and open FonePaw app. The app can scan and find out all the similar photos or duplicated contacts that take up your storage; and it can also help manage your private photos.

FonePaw App on App Store

FonePaw App Homepage

Tap the last icon Private Photo. If this is the first time you open the hide photos app, you’ll be asked to set up a passcode, which you should remember because you’ll need the password to access the Private Photos Vault later.

Set Passcode for Private Photo Vault

Hide Photos in Default Album

With Default Album you can move your secret photos out of the Photos app and create your own private photo album with passcode protection. Here is how to do it:

Step One On FonePaw app, tap "+ New Album" and open the new album.

Add Private Photo Album

Step Two Tap Add button, you can then select the photos you want to hide from photos library or Moment. Select the photos that you need and allow FonePaw app to modify the selected photos.

Select Photos to Hide

Step Three The photos are added in FonePaw app and hidden in the Private Photos Vault. Then you can delete the secret photos from Photos app.

Allow to Delete Hidden Photo in Camera Roll

Step Four If you want to get those hidden photos back to photos library on your iPhone/iPad, just select the photos, tap Share > Save Image to revert the photos back to Photos app.

Hide Photos Behind a Mask

Mask photos is an amazing function, for it will make the selected photos invisible in your Photos app. How does it do that? In fact, this function helps cover your private photo with another unrelated picture, in this way, all people can see is the other unrelated picture. With Mask Photos, all your private photos can stay safely in the Photos app, but appear as another photos. Follow the steps.

Step One Tap Mask Photos.

Step Two At the top of the interface, you can see a roll of photos which stored in your Photos app. Swipe from right to left and select the one you want to hide.

Select Photo to Mask

Step Three At the left bottom of the interface, tap "Masked by". And by tapping the icon "+" , you can select another picture from your album as a mask. 

Step Four After selecting the mask, tap Mask at the right top. Tap modify to allow FonePaw to disguise the original photo.The photos are then hidden with a mask. The masking result of the original photo can be seen at the top of the interface.

Mask Photo

If you want to unhide the photos, just tap "Revert" , then the masks will be taken off. To view all your masked photos, just tap the drop-down icon at the very top of the interface, and select "Masked photos" , you will then see those original photos along with their disguises. 

Revert Masked Photo

If you find it useful, don't be hesitated and download FonePaw app to have a try. It is a totally free app.

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