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Storage is Full: How to Clear iPhone Storage

By Lois Green, Friday, August 24, 2018

iPhone is good for taking photographs, playing games, listening to music or Podcasts, watching videos, etc. It is so powerful and multi-purpose that we enjoy using it without realizing that our phone storage are slowly eaten up. It is quite frustrating to see that pesky "Storage Almost Full" message, but, anyway, it is time to clear iPhone storage! Follow our guide to see how to free up space on your iPhone! 

Storage Almost Full on iPhone

1. Check Your iPhone Storage

First of all, it is important to find out what's taking up your iPhone space. You might have some unexpected storage hogs. 

  • Go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage.

Check iPhone Storage

You will see at the top that how much space you've used and how much is still available, below which there is a list of apps sorted by how much space they are taking up. Some apps are small by themselves but may store a lot of unneeded files which take up a ridiculous amount of space. Tap each app icon to see its original size versus the actual amount of space it has taken up. Those eat up most of your iPhone storage are the main storage invaders that you should uninstall the storage hogging apps and reinstall them from App Store, which can clear caches and data that the apps created.

2. Delete Unneeded Photos

For many people, duplicate photos, (a series of selfies for example); photos of notes; screenshots captured readily, all of which cumulate to hog a large amount of space. If that is the case, you should go through your library and weed these photos out manually. Or you can clean duplicate photos and screenshots with a photo cleaner app for iPhone - FonePaw App (Free to download on App Store).

FonePaw App on App Store

It should also be noted that the photos you delete are not completely removed from your phone. Actually, they went to the Recently Deleted folder in Photos where they will stay for 30 days in case that you change your mind. If you would like to get more storage as soon as possible on iPhone, you can empty Recently Deleted:

  • Open Photos > Recently Deleted album.

  • Tap all photos you want to deleted and select Delete.

Bonus Tip: You may have also noticed that when you are taking photos in HDR (High Dynamic Range), your iPhone can save both the original picture and the processed one. You will free up a lot of iPhone storage if you disable saving duplicates. Just do the following: Go to Settings >Camera>Deselect "Keep Normal Photo".

Deselect Normal Photo

From now, only the HDR versions of your photos will be saved.

3. Save Photos to Free Cloud Storage

If after clearing duplicate photos, you still find the left photos taking up too much space, you are advised to try some online storage services and have your photo library back up automatically to a cloud storage. Though iCloud is useful, you only have 5 GB of free iCloud storage by default, which is hardly enough. Therefore, we recommend Google+ and Dropbox which can not only give you an unlimited amount of storage but they are also free.     

Dropbox on iPhone

All you need to do is to download the apps; create an account if you don't have one, and then sign in. Select Auto Back-Up under the app's Settings (For Google+) or click on Enable Camera Upload (For Dropbox) With Google+ or Dropbox, photos on your iPhone can now be sent directly to your account and any photo you take from now on will also be duplicated. You can now delete photos from your iPhone to clear up iPhone storage.

4. Clear Browser Cache

If you frequently use your iPhone to browse the web in Safari or Chrome, there might well some unexpected storing caches that occupying your iPhone storage. Cleaning them off will get more space on iPhone: Here's how to clear Safari cache:

  • Go to Settings>Safari> Select Clear History and Website Data

Clear History And Website Data Of Safari

If you use Chrome follow these steps: Open Google Chrome> Options > Settings>Privacy>Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Chrome Data

Select the browsing data you want to clear and tap Clear Browsing Data.

5. Delete Document and Data of Apps

The apps on your iPhone can store many cached documents and data, too. To clean up iPhone storage, you had better remove them in a few steps:     

  • Go to Settings > Profile Picture > iCloud > Manage Storage;

  • Choose the app whose data you want to remove and tap Delete.

Clear Documents and Data

6. Stop Keeping the Messages Forever

By default, iPhone stores all the messages you receive and send forever. But if you don't need to refer to those old conversations or you don't want to have a look at those spam messages, why let them fill up your storage? You have a right to decide how long the messages can stay on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Messages>Message History> Keep Messages

Delete Messages in 30 Days

Change Forever to 30 days or 1 year. In a pop-up message which asks if you want to delete older messages, tap Delete to proceed.

7. Delete Downloaded Music

You probably have many songs on your iPhone that you no longer listen to. If that is the case, you had better remove them to clear more storage space on iPhone.

Open the Music app, scroll down the music list and swipe from right to left, tap delete to remove those unwanted songs. You are also suggested to sign up for iTunes Match. Paying $25 per year, you are allowed to download any song from your iTunes library directly to your phone.

Delete Music on iPhone

8. Delete Unused Game

If you are a big fan of games, you may have many gaming apps on your iPhone. Some are small, but some may take up a surprising amount of space due to their 3-D graphics. You may also have some old games hidden on your phone which you have finished or you may not play anymore. Go ahead to Manage Storage and tap on the games to delete them. Then you will make more room for other applications. 

9. Remove Unused Podcasts and Videos 

As audio and visual entertainment are getting more and more popular, many people have downloaded various podcasts and videos on their iPhone. But do you know that a 30-minute podcast can be 25 MB and a clip of video is a even larger space hog. To free up your iPhone space, you are strongly recommended to check your Apple Podcast and Video app regularly. Swipe left to right to delete the outdated ones. Or you transfer the videos or podcasts you don't need right now from iPhone to computer to free up space on iPhone.

These are all the ways we provide for you to clear storage space for your iPhone. But it is noteworthy that before deleting these data, make sure that they are absolutely unwanted. 

Now go ahead and give your iPhone a good clean-up!

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