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Steps to Transfer Files Between Nexus and Pixel/XL

By Elsie Wesley, Monday, March 13, 2017

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are worth having for their new features, which own more native features of Google. Thus, if you were a Google fan, I think you must purchase this new Pixel. To buy a new phone is easy but to sync the data from the old Google Nexus phone to the new Pixel may be a little confusing.

Want to get rid of the confusion? Follow the to-think/to-do list at first:

1.Have you ever backed up Nexus phone before? If yes, you can restore to Pixel from the backups.

2.Have you got a Quick Switch Adapter? If yes, you are able to copy data directly.

3.Have you have an external SD card? If yes, it is possible to insert the card to new phone.

4.Once all answers on the questions above are NOs, you may read on this guide to do what you’d like to do.

Part 1. Guide to Transfer Vital Files Between Nexus and Pixel

This method goes with FonePaw Mobile Transfer, so click the button to install it on the PC before reading the detailed steps.


Step 1. Enter the Homepage of the Program

As installing is done, enter the program with double clicks. Follow the introduction on the main page to connect two Android phones to the computer via the USB cable.

Connect Two Phones to PC

Step 2. Check Whether Connection Succeeds

Once they failed or one of them failed to get connected, please try these methods:

1. Enable debugging mode on both Android devices.

2. Choose “MTP” mode to go on transferring. Do not let it go with charging mode only.

3. Change another cable.

4. Restart the program.

5. Restart the computer and launch the software again.

6. Click “Device connected but not detected?” on the bottom to check more.

Step 3. Confirm to Transfer

Make sure the positions of the source phone and target phone. Then tick the box in front of the data type and click “Start Transfer” to get started.

Select Data

Note: There is an option for you to select whether to remove the original data on the target device before copy, which is up to you.

Step 4. Migrating the Data to Pixel

When the process starts, you can see that a pop-up comes out. As the migrating is done, it will give you a signal - “Finish” and you can check the task list.

Copy Data is Done

All thing is completed so you can compare the results on Nexus and Pixel/XL. The process is applicable for both switching from Nexus to Pixel and from Pixel to Nexus 5X/6P.

Part 2. Which Kinds of Data Can be Supported

To know more about FonePaw Mobile Transfer, check the following table to decide whether to use it. Not only Android to Android, but also Android to iOS could be dealt with.

iOS to Android

iOS to iOS
Android to iOS
Android to Android


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