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How to Send a Large Video From iPhone

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, September 04, 2019

iPhone videos can be very large in size, therefore, it can be difficult to send videos from iPhone sometimes. To send videos to others, we can use iMessage, Email, WhatsApp, etc., which, however, always has a limit on the size of the attachment file. 

Today, we are gonna discover different ways to send long video from iPhone through emails, iMessage/text message, WhatsApp and more.     

What is the longest video you can send on the iPhone? 

On iPhone, the easy way to send a video is of course by iMessage, Mail, Whatsapp. However, they are not designed for sending videos but texts. They all have a strict limit on the size of a large file you send. 

iMessage sets the limit at 100MB which is probably enough for a small video. Mail and WhatsApp come with stricter limits which cap at 20MB and 16MB respectively.  

Send Video in iMessage

Apparently, using Mail and WhatsApp are both not a good idea to send a video since nowadays videos are recorded at higher resolution and thereby have larger file size. A 3-minute video can be too large to be sent via WhatsApp or emails on the iPhone. 

iMessage may be more recommendable when it comes to long videos with high quality. Maybe a 10-minute HD video or 20-minute medium-quality video can be sent by using iMessage.     

Send Long Videos from iPhone to iPhone/Android 

If you need to transfer a large video from iPhone to an Android device or another iPhone, an easy way to do so is by using an iOS-to-Android transfer tool, such as FonePaw DoTrans

By installing DoTrans on your PC, you can directly send videos or other files between iPhone and Android without an internet connection, which is much faster, especially when you are trying to sending a 20-minute long video from iPhone. Here are the steps to send large files from iPhone to Android or other devices. 

Step 1: Download DoTrans onto the PC and install it. 


Step 2: Launch DoTrans. Connect the 2 devices you want to transfer files between. 

Step 3: You can switch to different devices to view the videos in it by clicking on the drop-down list on the top of the main window and selecting different devices. 

Connect iPhone and Android to Transfer Files

Step 4: Select your iPhone and click the Videos category on the left panel. Tick off the videos you want to send from iPhone. 

Step 5: Finally, click the Export icon and select your Android device. The large videos will be sent to the selected Android phone. 

Send Videos to Other Devices

Tip: If you click Export > Export to PC, the iPhone videos will be sent to the PC. 

DoTrans will not harm the quality of the video or compress it. It will transfer the original iPhone videos to the other Android or iOS device. In addition, the speed of transferring is very fast - you may only need several minutes to get a large video to sent to an Android device with DoTrans, while by usingWhatsApp, Mail or iMessage, sending the videos may take half an hour or even more.   

Email Large Video from iPhone 

If you are using iCloud on your iPhone, you can use Mail Drop when the video you want to send exceeds the attachment limit of Mail app. Mail Drop uploads your large video to iCloud, making it possible for you to send more than 20MB video using Apple Mail. The size of the video you can send with Mail Drop depends on the free space of your iCloud(Every user has 5GB free iCloud space). 

To use Mail Drop to send a video from iPhone to email that is too long, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Open Photos app on your iPhone and find the video you want to send. 

Step 2: Tap the forward icon and choose mail. 

Step 3: Then you will enter the interface to compose your email with the video as the attachment. After you input the recipient and tap Send, it will pop up a notification which prompts you to use Mail Drop. 

Step 4: Just tap Use Mail Drop. The large video will be sent once it has been uploaded onto iCloud. 

Email Large Video via Mail Drop

Tip: If the size of the video is too big or there is not enough space on your iCloud for the video, you can transfer the video to your PC by DoTrans and send the video as a zip file. 

Send Videos on iPhone with Cloud Storage

The last method is using a cloud drive as a hub to access the video from different devices. Since the videos are too large to be sent, uploading the videos to a cloud drive and sharing the link of the video will also allow the receivers to access the videos. This is especially useful if you would like to send large videos through text messages, iMessage, WhatsApp. 

Installing a cloud drive, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive for your iPhone, Open the app and upload the large video from your iPhone library to the cloud drive.   

Google Drive on iPhone

Then generate a share link of the iPhone video and copy the link. Start a text message or WhatsApp message and paste the video link into the input box. Tap Send

Now with these methods, you can send any large videos to your friends without limit.

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