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Solutions for LG G6 Frequently-Met Problems

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, December 12, 2017

LG G6 performs pretty well and it obtains so much favorable comment from the Android users. However, some of the owners complaint and ask for a solution of LG G6 issues in the Reddit forum. Those problems mainly concentrated in LG G6 screen issues, network issues, camera issues, etc. Here I sort out the five most common problems reported by the LG G6 users and provide the solutions to fix the issues.

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LG G6 Battery Drain Issues

The long battery life is the USP of LG G6 and it rarely ran out of battery with the improvement of the battery from 2,800mAh to 3,300mAh and feature of Battery smarts. However, the heavy usage, a power-hungry app, or the background app downloads can destroy your battery life and cause LG G6 fast battery drain.

To solve the LG G6 Poor battery life problem, you can do these:

1. Update your phone to the latest software. Then go to "Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage" and find out the power-hungry apps (if you can see the apps on the high list but you rarely use them, those can be the power-hungry apps). Now you can force stopping them by tapping on the "Stop" button or delete them directly.

2. Delete useless fatware. Just go into "Settings > Apps" and scroll through the list to check for the useless apps. Tap on it and you can see an "Uninstall" or "Disable" button at the top. For the built-in apps you don’t want, you can also do something to control it. Root your LG and it is possible to uninstall those apps.

3. Disable unused radios such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotpot, GPS and so on.

4. Enable battery saver can extend the battery life in some way.

LG G6 Battery Drain Issues

LG G6 Bluetooth Connection Problems

"When I stream music from LG G6 to my cars using Bluetooth, it makes popping noises and seems to be like it's having a hard time to keep up with the stream. I also noticed that the audio from videos played through my car has an awful sync delay. I have a 2017 Ford with Sync3. And it is fine with my older Nexus 6P or GS 7."

Some users who own a LG G6 reported that they met Bluetooth streaming problems when trying to connect G6 to cars such as Ford, Audi, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, etc. The causes due to those problems can be various. The software or hardware bug that occurs with the LG G6 can be the common reason for the Bluetooth connection issues.

Fortunately, the issues can be fixed. You can check on my other article: Fix LG G6 Bluetooth Problem to find out the details in how to solve G6 Bluetooth audio and streaming issues.

Delete All Prior Paired Devices

LG G6 Camera Issue with Grainy Pictures

It seems like the G6 I got for my wife is taking blurry pictures and they are not crisp as compared to my iPhone 6s plus or Mate 9? Does anyone have any experience with it?

Some people complaint that the LG G6 has a bad front camera and when they take a selfie, the picture is grainy and blurry. How annoying it is! Here, I will provide a solution to fix the LG G6 camera quality problem.

1. Launch the camera app and on bottom left side of the screen, just tap on the settings option.

2. Find out the "Picture Stabilization" option and disable it.

LG G6 Camera Glass Scratch

"Does anyone else G6 camera lens have these many scratches? It still takes amazing pictures, but it just looks so ugly I don't know what to do. "

Camera Glass Scratch

Though the image quality is somehow not affected by the scratches, it may drive you crazy if you take much care of your phone. Here you are advised to perform a LG G6 camera lens cover replacement. For the details on how to do, please just go to the YouTube and you can find out a bundle of videos to show you the way.

LG G6 Laggy and Running Slow Problem

Some of the users reported that the LG G6 is Lagging and stuttering when they try to typing or scrolling on the screen. To fix the issues, you can do the following: 

1. Reboot your LG.

2. Go to "Settings > About phone > Software Update > Update Now" to update operating System.

3. Update outdated applications can sometimes help fix G6 slow performance problem. Just go to "Play Store > Menu icon > My apps & games" and select the app you want to update. Then tap on the "UPDATE" button.

4. Backup LG G6 and perform a factory reset by navigating to "Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone".

If you cannot find out a solution of your LG G6 issues, just leave us a message with details on the comment box to share with us!

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