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Ultimate Guide to Use FaceTime

By Emily Watson, Friday, March 23, 2018

Nowadays the advent of smartphones and social media applications have altered the way we interact with each other. Created by Apple Inc., FaceTime is one of the many video calling apps that make it easier for us to interact. This post will show you how to set up FaceTime and make free video and audio calls on iPhone, iPad and Mac.  The built-in app FaceTime based on iOS and macOS systems are created by Apple Inc. 

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What Is FaceTime?

FaceTime, a built-in app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, allows you to make video and audio calls to anyone who has an iOS device or Mac for free. So by calling people with FaceTime, you can save the expensive call charges. Also, to make a FaceTime call, you can use not only the phone number but also an email address. 

FaceTime is available on these devices: 

  • iPhone 4 or later

  • iPad Pro (all models)

  • iPad 2 or later

  • iPad mini (all models)

  • iPod touch 4th generation or later (only iPod touch 5th generation or later support FaceTime audio calling)

NOTE: When using cellular data, you can make FaceTime calls only on iPhone 4s or later, iPad Pro and third-generation iPad or later. Notice that FaceTime only works when both of the callers have FaceTime. 

How to Set up FaceTime?

1. On iPhone 

If you use an iPhone, your phone numbers will be automatically registered on FaceTime, which means you don't need to pay extra effort to set up FaceTime. 

But if you want your email address to register FaceTime, go to "Settings" > FaceTime > "Use your Apple ID for FaceTime", and type in with your Apple ID.

Set Up FaceTime on iPhone

2. On iPad/iPod Touch 

Since you don't have a phone number on an iPad, iPod Touch, you can only use your Apple ID to register FaceTime. 

Go to "Settings" > FaceTime > "Use your Apple ID for FaceTime", and sign in with your Apple ID.  

Set Up FaceTime on iPad

3. On Mac (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and iMac Pro) 

Since Mac is using a different system, the process of setting up FaceTime on Mac is different. 

  • Launch FaceTime, enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

  • After that, if you want to make FaceTime calls on other email address, you can add more email accounts: go to the menu bar, click FaceTime > Preferences (1) to register your email address (2). Notice to keep the "Caller ID" the same as your phone number (3). 

Set Up FaceTime on Mac

NOTE:  FaceTime is a native app for Mac OS X version 10.7 Lion or later. If your Mac is running on an earlier version of Mac, you need to go to Mac App Store to buy the app at $0.99 if you don't have it. 

How to Make Audio/Video Calls with FaceTime?

1. On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 

Before making FaceTime call on iPhone, you need the phone number or email address of the person you want to call, and there are three ways to start a FaceTime call: 

Make Calls on FaceTime app 

STEP 1: Open FaceTime app, type the person's phone number or email address. 

Enter Phone Number or Email Address

STEP 2: Then tap the video icon to start video call, or tap audio icon to start audio call. 

Tap the Video or Audio Icon to Start a Call

Make Call Through Contacts 

If the person's phone number or email address has already saved in your Contacts, you can go to Contacts and enter their name, then tap the video or audio icon. 

Make FaceTime Call Through Contacts

Change A Phone Call to FaceTime Call

You can also start a FaceTime video call when you are making a phone call. Tap the FaceTime icon during the phone call to talk using FaceTime. 

Start FaceTime Call During Call

2. Make FaceTime Calls on Mac

Other than three ways to make a FaceTime call on iPhone or iPad, you can only begin a call through FaceTime app on a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro.

  • Run FaceTime, enter the name, phone number or email address of your contact.

  • Tap video or audio icon to make a call. 

Make FaceTime Call on Mac

Do you like calling people with FaceTime? Share your opinion below.

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