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[Fixed] LG G6 Connectivity Issues

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, December 07, 2017

LG G6 is one of the most popular Android smartphones in the market. However, some users reported that they met the connectivity problems on their LG G6. After the information collection, the issues can be sorted out into two categories: Bluetooth problems and Wi-Fi problems. Now, please check out the details below if you are looking for a guide to fix the G6 connectivity issues.

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LG G6 Problem

Fix LG G6 Bluetooth Problem

LG G6 Bluetooth keeps stopping? Or has audio issues (eg. really poor audio quality)? If you are in trouble of Bluetooth connectivity problems, you can go through this guide and I will show you some tricks to fix the issues.

1. Go to "Settings > Bluetooth" and check if your Bluetooth is enabled or not.

2. Disconnect and restart your LG. Then reconnect it! If you want to find out the connectivity problem is caused by your phone or the devices you're connecting your Bluetooth to, you can now try to connect your phone to another device. If it works well, there may be something wrong with the first device you are attempting to connect.

3. Head to "Settings > Bluetooth" and delete all the prior paired devices. Then try to scan for the target device and set it up again.

Delete All Prior Paired Devices

4. Try to clear your cache and data, which will delete corrupt files that are affecting the application. To clear cache, just head to "Settings > Application Manager > Bluetooth" and choose to force close it. Then you can tap on the button to clear cache. To clear Data, head to "Settings > Storage (under Device) > Internal storage > Cached data > CLEAR" and then restart LG G6.

5. Update system or perform a factory reset, which may solve some software bugs on your Android.

Fix LG G6 Wi-Fi Problems

People complain that LG G6 has Wi-Fi connection problems. Generally speaking, the problems can be different. Now, focusing on the specific problems, I will successively list the solutions to solve the LG Wi-Fi connection issues.

LG G6 won't connect to Wi-Fi?

Solution: If your LG phone fails to connect to Wi-Fi, you can try to restart your modem. Then continue to disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi by going to "Settings > Wi-Fi", which has been tested to be workable to solve the LG G6 Wi-Fi not connecting problem.

LG G6 disconnects from Wi-Fi?

Solution: Restart your LG G6 device. Then go to "Settings > Network connections > Wi-Fi" and long tap on the network to forget it. After a few seconds of waiting, you can try to enter the password to connect the network again

LG G6 disconnects from Wi-Fi

Switch between data and Wi-Fi automatically?

Solution: If you find out that the Wi-Fi connection switch to data now and then, you can try to disable the built-in "Smart network Switch" feature. With this feature enabled, the LG G6 would switch to mobile data when the Wi-Fi network is slower than the data speeds.

To disable Smart network Switch on LG G6, you can try this:

1. Enable your mobile data connection

2. Go to "Apps menu > settings apps > Wireless > Smart network switch"

3. Turn off "Smart network switch"

Wi-Fi is slow?

Solution: It is a common occurrence that your Wi-Fi is slow when you search the internet and use the apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you find out your LG G6 is slow in Wi-Fi speed, you should try to wipe cache partition on it, which has been tested to be helpful. Now, just follow the tips below to see how to do.

1. Power off the LG G6 phone.

2. Hold down the power button, volume up and home button simultaneously.

3. After a few seconds waiting, the LG G6 will boot into recovery mode.

4. Select "Wipe cache partition" and then you can start the process.

5. Once the process is complete, you can choose the "reboot system now" option to restart LG G6.

Met with other LG G6 connectivity problems we don't mention above? Please write it down as a comment to let us know!

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