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The the frequently asked questions about FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction are displayed here. If you have other problems, contact...

1. I got a note: "downloading recovery package failed" on the screen, how comes?

Once you meet with the notice like "downloading recovery package failed", please check your network connection and make sure that the network is stable. If you have confirmed all network setting is OK, here suggest you to try again. Once it still shows you the same error message, please submit your log file/feedback to let us know what's wrong with you!

2. I cannot find my phone model in the list. Can I continue to use the program?

If your model is not in the list, which means that your device is not supported now, please do not select any other model to try. Otherwise, it may make your device get into bricked status.

3. Can Broken Android Data Extraction recover the deleted data on broken Android devices?

No, it can’t. The present version of Broken Android Data Extraction only can extract the existing data on your damaged phones, which can protect/back up your files when flashing a ROM and resetting since the system goes wrong or screen is broken.

4. I have put the device into download mode, but nothing changes on the program, How comes?

If you have followed the guide to put the device into download mode, but there is no any other direction on the program, please try:

1.Maker sure you have installed the latest version of FonePaw Broken Android Data Extraction.

2.Keep the device into download mode and restart the program to try. Or exit the download mode firstly and then follow the guide to go ahead again.

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