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How to Turn off OS Upgrade Notification on Android

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, February 26, 2016

Who don't Wan System Updates?

"I like my phone exactly the way it is. I DO NOT like the way 5.0.1 looks from all the postings I have seen online. My phone keeps notifying me about the available 5.0.1 update and I'm offered options to be notified from 30 min to 4 hours later but no option not to be notified again. Is this possible? I do not want 5.0.1!"

Users whose Android phones work better in the previous version may not want system update. In this situation, they would like to neglect update request and don't want to bother by continuous notifications. Here we will pose tips on turning off OS update notification on your Android.

Turn off OS Upgrade Notification on Android

Step 1. Turn on Settings App

Turn on Settings app on your Android phone. Then scroll down and select "About phone".

 Turn on Settings App

Step 2. Turn on System Update

In the "About phone" page, select "System update". After that, you can set to enable a fake system update.

Turn on System Update

Step 3. Connect Android Phone to a Fake Wi-Fi Hotspot

You will need to turn on network traffic. If your phone is offline, you will have a "Network traffic alert". Click "OK" and connect your Android phone to a FAKE Wi-Fi hotspot.

Network Traffic Alert

Step 4. Check Update for Android

You can see your current OS version. Hit the button "Check update" and pretend to find the newest system version. After half minute, you will see the prompt, which says that your Android phone OS is updated to the latest version.

Check Update for Android

By following steps above, the update notification won't occur anymore. Actually, the operating system of your Android phone hasn't updated to the newest system because you have turned off the network during updating. Have a try on your device.

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