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Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos With TouchRetouch

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos With TouchRetouch Description: When there're objects or people you don't want to see in your Android photo, you can use TouchRetouch to remove these unwanted objects.

Today, what I want to introduce to you will be TouchRetouch . It's an Android app that can help you remove unwanted objects. It is a once-and-for-all photo editing app that I can't wait to recommend to you.

Have you ever faced one or two of these upset situations?

1. You find a beautiful photo from the Internet and want to save it on your Android. But the pity is that there's a watermark on the bottom right corner.

2. You go travel to Thailand with your honey and take pictures on a beach near Phuket Island. When you check the photos, you found lots of passers-by in the pictures.

You won't find it easy to remove them from your photos unless you are a master in Photoshop. Thankfully, TouchRetouch is very easy to use to remove unwanted objects from photos. In the main interface of Touch Retouch, you will see several options provided: Lasso, Brush, Move, Eraser, Start, Clone Stamp and Save (from left to right). In the next part, I'd love to show you how to remove the label on the orange:

Step 1. Choose the first option, Lasso icon.

Step 2. Select the part you want to remove.

Step 3. Use Eraser to exclude those you don't want to choose.

Step 4. Hit on "Start" to start removing the unwanted part.

Remove Unwanted Logo on Photo

Step 5. Now, the label on the orange has been removed. If we don't compare this picture with the original one, we have no idea that this photo has been edited.

Unwanted Object Removed

If you think that other photo editor app with a clone stamp can also do this with several clicks. Let's see the following example. This picture is very colorful. So, it is not a piece of cake to remove the tricycle and passers-by. However, TouchRetouch will surprise you.

As you can see, the tricycle and the passers-by are gone. Though the result is not as perfect as that on the orange, we can use the Clone Stamp to embellish the picture.


TouchRetouch is sooooo amazing, isn't it? With it, there's no need to worry about the watermark, passers-by or some private things you want to remove from your Android photos.

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