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Samsung Kies Manual: Samsung Assistant You Should Never Miss

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Samsung Kies is an official software released by the company to synchronize data between computer and Samsung devices. As a matter of fact, the software can used for more than just transferring data between PC and mobile devices: data backup, multimedia management, device firmware and operating system upgrades and more. This tutorial is going to explain these features to you one by one.

Currently, Kies is available in two versions: Kies3 (version 3.x) supports devices with Android Jelly Bean (4.3 and up). Kies supports devices with Android 2.1 through 4.2.

Tip: Samsung Kies doesn't support the newest model like Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. For these model, you can try Smart Switch.

Samsung Data Transfer

Samsung Kies supports data transfer between PC and Samsung devices, as well as between two different Samsung devices. It covers five types of data transfer: contacts, music, photo, videos, podcast.

1. Sync Samsung data with Kies/Outlook/Others

The concept "sync" is more common to be seen by iOS users when using iTunes. In Kies, there is also the "Sync" tab. Firstly, you can sync contacts and schedule on a Samsung device to your email account including Outlook/Yahoo/Google, as well as your Window Address Book. Secondly, you're able to sync music, photos, video in Kies Library to your device. Yes, there is also Library in Kies like iTunes. Add music, photos, video from your computer to the Kies Library, they then can be synced to your device.

  • Connect your device > choose "Sync" tab > select the content that you want to sync > click "Sync" again.

Kies Sync Media File

Note: On Kies3, there is no option of syncing music, photos, videos under the "Sync" tab.

2. Import/Export Data

The "Import/Export" button allows you to transfer data between computer and Samsung device easily. Click the "Import/Export" button, you can either import contacts/schedule/memo/music/photos/video from computer folder to your connected device, or export the content in your device to the chosen computer folder.

Kies Import and Export Data

  • Click connected device > click "Import/Export" > choose the file type you want to import/export.

Please notice that there is no "Import/Export" button on Kies3. But you can transfer one or more chosen files between device and computer by choosing "Save to PC" or "Add from PC".

3. Transfer Data Between Two Devices

After you have connected two devices to Kies, you can transfer data between these two devices. For contacts and schedule, you can transfer from one device to others by the "Transfer to another device" under the "Import/Export" button. For media files, you can drag and drop music, photos or video from one device to others.

Kies Transfer to Another Device

Backup and Restore Samsung Device

You can back up/restore your device on computer in one click with Kies. By "Back up/Restore" option on Kies, you can then back up contacts, music, photos and video in the internal memory of your device to computer and restore the backup file to the device whenever you need. Compared to Kies, Kies3 can backup far more file types, including messages, apps, settings and more.

Go to "Back up/Restore" > tick items you need > click "Back up"/"Restore".

Kies Backup and Restore Feature

Firmware Upgrade

If there is new firmware available for your device, when the device is connected to the computer, you'll see the latest firmware information. Choose "Firmware upgrade", the kies will update your device to the latest firmware.

Firmware Upgrade on Skies

Please back up the data on your device via Kies first before the firmware upgrade.

Other Features

There are other features of Kies you may be interested in. For example, you can add new contacts to your Samsung mobile phone on Kies; download or purchase new apps on Samsung app store (Samsung account required); subscribe podcast and more.

Samsung Kies is really a useful assistant that you should never miss. Download the Kies and explore more.


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