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How to Take Screenshot on Your Android Phone

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, March 04, 2016

You can send a message or email to anyone in your contacts and tell them what you are thinking. However, there are many situations where a picture of the screen is more expressive, from what you are seeing in your  phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 for example, to showing off your new high score in a game. However, in early days, it is a pain to take screenshot on your Android phone. But now the ability to do this is built into the Android OS. And the thing is facilitated. Today, we will share three ways to save screenshot on your Android phone, especially Samsung.

Method 1:  Capture Screenshot by Pressing Buttons

Step 1. Most Android can capture screenshot by pressing buttons combination. For most Samsung phones, such as Galaxy S5/S6/S6 Edge/S7, simultaneously press the HOME key and the POWER button. Then hold them for a while. One or two seconds can be okay. Note that operations vary with different devices. The combination can also be POWER + VOLUME UP/DOWN in cell phones like Nexus, LG.

Press Buttons to Capture Screenshot
Press Buttons to Capture Screenshot

Step 2. When the screenshot is captured, you will hear a shutter sound or feel the vibration. Even if you have muted the sound of your phone, you should have the note "Saving screenshot" on the top of the screen. The following photo shows the process of saving screenshot on Samsung. It could differ from device to device.

Saving Samsung Screenshot
Saving Samsung Screenshot

Method 2: Swipe to Take Screenshot on your Samsung Phone

For Samsung users, they can use Palm swipe to take screenshot.

Step 1. Set to Capture Screen with Palm Swipe

Go to "Applications">"Settings".In the category of "Controls", select "Motions and gestures". After that, touch the option "Palm swipe to capture". Then switch to toggle the button.

Step 2. Take Screenshot on Samsung Phone with Palm Swipe

As the setting of palm swipe is turned on, you can take a palm motion. Just capture the screen by swiping the edge of your hand across it, from side to side, keeping in contact with the screen.

Samsung Palm Swipe
Samsung Palm Swipe

Method 3: Using Third-party App to Take Screenshot

There are many third-party apps to help you with screenshot capturing, take Screenshot for example.

Download the app on your phone from Google Play. When you need to catch a screenshot, just press the POWER button and VOLUME DOWN/UP (HOME and POWER buttton for Samsung devices).  What sets the app apart from button pressing method is that you can trim the captured screenshots, paint on the screenshot, add mosaic and text with the app.

Screenshot with Third-party App
Screenshot with Third-party App

Screenshots are stored in your gallery. Go to that app. You can find all screenshots in a folder named "Screenshot". Now you can share those pictures to anyone via WhatsApp, Google Photos , and more.

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