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Simple Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your iPhone

By Lois Green, Friday, March 11, 2016

Armed with the iPhone camera, you can easily become a photographer. But these day smartphone pictures are everywhere and how can you make your photos stand out from the crowd? How to make your photos truly better than other people's? Instead of wasting time to browse tons of lengthy blogs and articles telling your how to take better iPhone photos, why not take a moment to read through the useful iPhone photography tips we got for you in this guide? They are easy to remember and can help you make great shot with a single click. You're sure not to miss them if you want to take fantastic shots.

1. Keep your photos simple

It's easy to complicate a photo with too much going on. This will distract the viewer from what you're actually trying to take a picture of. On the contrary, making the photos simple and clean can draw the eye to the subject we're photographing.

Keep Photo Simple

2. Never use the zoom button

Never use the zoom button on the iPhone because it will degrade the quality of your photos. If you would like to get closer to your object, use your feet or crop the image after you take the photo.

Avoid Zoom

3. Avoid using your flash

Make good use of the natural light to brighten your photos, because the flash light will cause harsh lighting and normally over expose your photos.

Avoid Flash

4. Learn to use AE/AF lock

AE/AF lock can be turned on by taping on the screen where you want to focus on/expose for, and then hold down the screen until you see the box come up. Once turned on, the settings will remain the same no matter where you move the camera.

Use Lock

5. Tap to focus

Although the iPhone has a solid autofocus, it doesn't always know exactly what you're looking at. Instead, taping to focus makes sure that the camera will focus on the subject that you're actually shooting.

Tap to Focus

6. Adjust the exposure setting

If you cannot get perfect natural lighting, then adjust the exposure yourself. Tap and hold on a particular area of the image until a yellow square appears, then tap the sun icon at its right and drag the slider until you get the proper brightness.

Adjust Exposure Setting

7. Edit

Take a few seconds to use some photo filter apps like VSCO to edit and auto-fix your photos. For example, just import the photo into the program and you can manually bring up the exposure or brightness until it is to your liking. Adding some filters can make your images to be unique too.

Edit Photo

Ok that's it! We hope these tips will help you create the best images you can with your iPhone camera, whether you're photographing for your blog or for every day fun. If you have any great iPhone photography tips, let us know via the comments!

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