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How to Take Panorama Photos With iPhone 6s/6/5s

By Lois Green, Sunday, April 03, 2016

Are you new to the panoramic feature built-in to the camera on the iPhone? If so, then you might need a guide that shows you how to make the best of this awesome feature on your device. With the skills of taking panoramic pictures, you can shoot Skyscrapers, breathtaking landscapes, large groups of friends or family and more by just pressing a button on your iPhone. In order to take panoramic pictures, you will need an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c, or the latest generation of iPhone.

What You Should Know about Taking the Best Panoramas

Panorama Photos

1. Use a tripod to keep your iPhone stable. It allows you to take the perfect shot without any shakiness.

2. Follow the rule of thirds. Don't just stick your subject right in the middle of the photograph but have the horizon lined up in either the bottom or top third of the image. And leave enough room to capture all of your subject without cutting off any parts.

3. Don't rush through your panorama. Take your time when shooting and make sure that you have followed the arrow in the Camera app to ensure that your image is going to line up right.

4. Do not use the iPhone LED flash. Part of the beauty of panorama comes from natural lighting.

How to Capture a Panoramic Photo with iPhone

1. Launch the Camera app on iPhone and swipe the screen on your device from right to left until you see the Pano shooting mode.

iPhone Panorama Photos

2. Find an interesting area that you want to shoot, and it's better to do a "dry-run" of your shot to plan how your final photo will end up.

3. Lock exposure for the entire panoramic shot, and then rotate the iPhone into the horizontal position.

4. Point your iPhone at the starting position of your panoramic photo and press the shutter button to start shooting. You should follow the arrow displayed on the screen to shoot the image.

5. Now press the shutter button again when you reach your end position. Done! You've now created a panoramic photo with your iPhone! The image will be automatically saved to your Photos app.

Take Panorama Photos on iPhone

So, the panorama feature on iPhone is pretty sweet, right? If your first attempt at panoramic images doesn't work out, don't be discouraged. Practice make perfect. You'll surely get the right shot with more patience and practice. If you need help on this topic, leave a comment below.

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