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How to Take Great Photo with Your Android Phone

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola and more are not only a smartphone that people use to contact their friends, send text messages etc. They are also used as cameras because they are easy carrying and have a dual-camera so that you can take selfies with ease even if you are alone. Now, let me show you several tips on taking great photos with your Android phone.

1. Clean Lens of Your Android Phone

As we know, we use Android phone a lot every day and it is unavoidable that the camera lens of your Android will be filled up with fingerprint and dust. What’s worse, the camera lens of your Android phone will be scratched if you put your phone into the same pocket together with keys, cards or other stuff. This will reduce the clarity of the photos you captured with your Android phone. To avoid this, just keep your phone away from other stuff that might lead to scratch and keep your lens clean.

Clean Lens of Your Android Phone

2. Don’t Capture Toward Sun

If you face your Android camera straight toward the sun, the auto-brightness control will adapt the brightness automatically. As a result, the landscape or the people in the photos will get really dark. To capture a clearer photo, you just need to keep your Android camera from facing at the sun.

Don’t Capture Toward Sun

That is, make sure that the objects or people are facing the sun. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean face straight toward the sun. You know, if the sunshine is too shiny, it’s hard for us to open our eyes, not to mention smiling beautifully at the camera.

Facing Light

3. Don’t Use Flash

Sometimes, the flashlight will help you capture at the very dark night. However, there are shortcomings using flash. First of all, it will add graininess and noise on photos you take with flash. Secondly, the pictures captured with flash mode will not that nature and looks wired. Lastly, people who are captured by you with flashlight can see nothing for several seconds before it adapts the brightness. So, just avoid using flash mode as you can.

On Flash

4. Never Use Digital Zoom

Though zoom in will make it looks like you get closer to the remote object you want. However, after you check the photos, you will find that the photos you captured with digital zoom will be blurry and your photos destroyed unless you are using Samsung devices which can actually protrude the lens out of your device like Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. If you are not using this kind of Android phone, you’d better crop the photos after you take zoomed-out photos.

Never Use Digital Zoom

5. Use HDR Mode

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. Dynamic range is the rate of light to dark in a photo. When you enable HDR mode and capture with your Android phone, it will take three photos for you at different exposures and you can have a photos closer to what you see. However, it doesn’t mean that HDR mode is the almighty solution when you are capturing photos. It depends: When you are capturing landscapes, portraits in sunlight or low-light/backlit scenes, HDR mode will help you capture more beautiful pictures. However, when you are capturing photos with movement, high-contrast or vivid colors, HDR mode will only gets things worse.

Use HDR Mode

With these 5 simple tips on taking photos with your Android phone, you can now take a more beautiful photo now. If you have other tricks while capturing pictures with Android, please leave your suggestions in the comment list and share it with others.

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