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How to Take Great Photos at Night with iPhone

By Lois Green, Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's safe to say that taking pictures with iPhone is always the first choice for a lot of people these days. But even though we've got the excellent iPhone camera, it doesn't mean we can take impressive photos with it, especially capturing photos in low light. It's one of the most challenging things to do with iPhone after all. Luckily, in this article you'll discover some simple and handy tips to get the best night photos from your iPhone 6s/6/5s.

1. Hold your iPhone as still as possible

The key to avoid blurry shots in low light is to hold the device as still as possible. Why? Because there's not enough light at night and the camera software need to set a much longer exposure time to produce a photo. So, if you make a slight movement of your hand during the period, you will end up with a blurry photo. To keep your iPhone steady you have the following options:

• Use two hands to minimize shake

• Use a tripod

• Support your iPhone against a tree or support your body again the wall

Hold iPhone Still

2. Use your iPhone's Night Mode

Night Mode is a built-in feature in most smartphones, and iPhone is no exception. Although some say that enabling the night mode could make photos worse, it won't hurt to give it a try. Sometimes it could produce better night shots and make things different with the Night Mode enabled.

Enable iPhone Night Mode

3. Focus on the highlights

The best way to make your highlights stand out is to set the focus and exposure for them. Simply tap on the brightest parts of the viewfinder in the native camera app, and it will set the focus and exposure for that point.

Focus on Hightlights

4. Take multiple photos

Taking multiple photos at a time provides you with a chance to get the best shot. They might look like the same photos with no changes in terms of light or exposure, but you will find that your subject might move slightly in some photos but not in others. So it's a good idea to take several photos at once in low-light situations.

Take Multiple Photos

5. Process your photos to black and white

Processing your photos to black and white can create a mysterious feeling in your image. Besides, the black and white photography is perfect for emphasizing contrasting light levels. But only image with bright highlights and dark shadows in the scene will look great in black and white. So you need to choose your photos with high contrast.

Process Photo to Black and White

6. Make strong composition

Composition is king when you don't have a lot of control over how your camera works in low-light situation. Strong composition can overcome exposure, soft focus, noise and other problems. Here are the composition tips for beginners:

• Simplicity or Minimalism: Simplifying your images can make much better shots.

• Point of View: Practicing different perspectives and viewpoints for a more unique photo.

• Depth of Field: Draw people's attention to a specific object or part of a photo.

• Patterns: The image with pattern can quickly draw people in.

Make Strong Composition

Here are just a few of the techniques I found to be useful when capturing the night photography with iPhone. Remember, there aren't strictly the best rules or skills to take a photo and it's ok to break them. You can make good use of your own talent and creativity to take great iPhone photos at night.

What is your favorite tip for shooting at night with iPhone? Leave a comment below.

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