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Snapseed - One of the best iOS photo-editing Tools

By Lois Green, Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Now that you've learned how to take great photos with iPhone by using the built-in feature in the Camera app such as HDR mode, burst mode or panoramic photo shooting, it's time to learn how to edit!

Editing is an indispensable step to make photos even better. But many of you don't know where to start even though you've owned all sorts of photo editing apps including Instagram, VSCO or Snapseed. Be careful, you might get your photos ruined by over-processing them. In this article, I'll show you how to enhance your photo with the help of Snapseed – one of the best iOS photo-editing apps available for free.

Let's get a look at the basic features of Snapseed. What can it do for us?

• It has automatic contrast and color correction.

• It allows selective adjustments on brightness, contrast, ambiance, white balance and saturation.

• It lets you straighten and crop image, and sharpen details in the image.

• It lets you use Instagram-style filers like Vintage, Drama and Grunge.

• You can apply frames or remove dust and dirt from the photo without leaving a trace.

• It allows you to re-edit any filter at any time.

How to Edit your Photos with Snapseed

1. Open a Photo in Snapsee

Download and install Snapseed on iPhone. And then launch it. You will see an interface as follow which asks you to open a photo from the device or take a photo from the camera.

Open Photo in Snapseed

2. Edit Photos with Tools

Click on the Edit button in the bottom right corner in the main interface, and you can edit your photo with the tools available: Tune Image, Details, Crop, Rotate, Transform, Brush, Selective, Healing, Vignette. Select "Tune Image", for example.

Edit iPhone Photo with Snapseed

Tap on the screen and then swipe up and down, you will see a menu appear on the screen with 7 editing options including Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, Highlights, Warmth.

Snapseed Tune Image

Select the one of the options, and then swipe from right to left to adjust the effects. Or you can tap on the "Edit" button to perform an auto adjustment. When you finished, tap the Tick button to save your settings.

Adjust Photo Effects with Snapseed

3. Add Filters to Photos

There are a variety of filters to choose including Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black & White and Frame. Select the one you like, and tap on it. Preset is available and you can adjust the filters automatically as well. Once done, please click on the "Tick" button to save the settings.

Add Filters to Photo

Note: You are able to see how many kinds of enhancements you've added to the photos (displayed in numbers) from the upper right corner. Click on the number and you'll see the changes in details.

Photo Changes

4. Save Image on iPhone

When you're satisfied with your edited image, you can save it to your iPhone. Click on SAVE and you can select Save, Save a Copy or Export.

Save: Save with changes you can undo.

Save a copy: Save with a copy with changes you can undo.

Export: Create a copy with permanent changes.

Save Editting

By making good use of the features in Snapseed you should be able to get great results when enhancing your iPhone photos. There are other features in Snapseed that I've not mentioned in this article, if you try them and feel good about it, then share your experience with us by leaving a message in the comments below!

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