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How to Set Up New Android Phone

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, May 13, 2016

The 2016 MWC had released heaps of new Android devices, for example, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, Sony Z5, and Nexus 6P. If you got a new Android phone or tablet, you must intent to set it up and play with it right as soon as possible. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to deal with the new device. Don't worry about that. This guide is especially written for you beginners. Just browse the passage for details.

1. Insert the SIM card and Set PIN Code

Before starting the Android phone, insert the SIM card into the card slot. You will then be asked to input the PIN code, which usually comes in the SIM package. Usually you are required to open the handset very carefully and unplug the battery so that you can insert the SIM under the battery. Some devices like Nexus phones require a PIN code to open the SIM card slot.

2. Insert your SD Card

If your Android phone comes with a microSD slot, the next thing you need to do is to insert a SD card into the card slot. With the extra memory in your Android device, you will be able to store tons of Android photos, music, and videos in the device. If you phone has no SD card slot, you can upload your files to cloud like Google Photos.

3. Choose a Language

When the SIM card and SD card inserted into the device, it is high time you booted up your phone. Then you can select a language. There will be a list of available languages for the system, for example, English. Choose the one you want and check the "Start" button.

Choose a Language

4. Select Wi-Fi Network

Find yourself within range of Wi-Fi? You can connect to the hotspot so as to surf the Internet. Choose a Wi-Fi and input the passcode if required. Then touch the "Connect" button. If you have forgotten the Wi-Fi password which your old Android had connected to, check how to see password of connected/saved Wi-Fi.

Select Wi-Fi

5. Sign in Google Account

If you would like to enjoy Google's apps and services, like Gmail and Google Play Store, you can sign into your Google account in your Android device. If you don't have a Google account, sign for one and log in your Google account. If you have had a Google account already, enter details as the prompts require. Next, select to agree to Google service. Note that this step can be skipped if you don't need Google service.

Sign in Google Account

6. Install Software and Android Updates

You Android phone might not be running the latest version of the software in the device if it is the first time it was turned on. For instance, your Android phone may come with Lollipop, however, the Marshmallow has updated. To check whether the update is available or not, run the Settings app. Then go to "About phone" and check "System updates". You can update your phone system.

Update System

7. Personalize your Android Phone

If you don't like the default wallpaper or theme, you can select various backgrounds from the local database. Furthermore, you can search and download online. Follow this path: Activate the "Settings" app. Then go to "Display". You can choose wallpaper and theme there.

Change Wallpaper

Now you can play with your new Android phone – capture great photos, enjoy music and movies, play Android games, and more.


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