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Photography Guides for Samsung Phones

By Elsie Wesley, Tuesday, January 26,2016

We are going to post some photography guides for Samsung phone. As we all know, Samsung, one of a biggest giant in the electronic market, has gained a big amount of fans because of its mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4 Mini/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/Edge, etc. One of the advantages that makes Samsung phone outstanding is its amazing camera, which is of various features. To know how to fully use it, just read on and get inspired.

1.Achieve the Right Light for Your Subject.

Photography is an art of light. Good utility of light contributes to a successful photo. How can we achieve the right light for the subject with our Samsung phones? Here are three tips:

• Adjust brightness of the Samsung phone camera when it is too dark.

• Turn on Night Mode at night or in the dark.

• Turn on flash light. However, this feature only applies short-distance photography.

Achieve the Right Light

2.Hold Your Samsung Phone Camera Properly

We Samsung users know that Samsung phone is much lighter than traditional camera. For this reason, hand tremor is common when holding the phone. You can try this method: Hold the Samsung phone with your right hand. Then hold your right hand with the left one to make it stable. Keep your legs one-shoulder-widely open. And keep holding on the shutter button until you hear the shutter sound.

3.Find Perfect Photography Angle

Perfect angle is the deciding factor of a spectacular photo. However, for nonprofessional photographers, it is hard to reach. If you are one of them, keep the Samsung camera parallel with the scene. This can help you with a comfortable picture.

Find Perfect Photography Angle

4.Catch Your Inspiration and Imagination

I firmly believe that great masterpieces do not only associate with diligence but also come from inspiration and imagination. Find the motivation of every subject in the scene. What are the subject? Where are they from? Is there a story of each one of them? But remember do not follow them to control or confine your imagination. Try different, unique, and creative ideas and styles!

Catch Your Inspiration and Imagination

Amazing, isn't? Why not have a try? You can capture this beautiful word and express yourself by pressing the shutter button with an easy-to-carry Samsung phone.

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