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Troubleshooting: Samsung Kies Cannot Detect My Phone

By Carrie Murray, Saturday, September 3, 2016

Samsung Kies is sure a powerful program, but you have to connect your phone to the program first before you are able to enjoy its convenience. However, many users report a connection trouble when they try to connect their phone to Samsung Kies. It is either that Kies couldn't detect the phone or it keeps displaying the "Connecting" status. Get frustrated and want to uninstall the program? Here is the troubleshooting to fix the annoying problems.

Trouble 1: My Phone Cannot be Detected

You connect your phone to the computer successfully, but Samsung Kies just couldn't detect your phone. Under such an circumstance, you might try to fix the problem with these simple tricks:

  • Disconnect your Samsung phone and reconnect it again.  

  • Reconnect USB cable to a different port on your computer.

  • Try to connect the USB cable directly to your computer instead of a USB hub or a docking station.

  • Go to "Information">"Check for updates", update Kies 3 to the latest version if it isn't.

  • Restart Samsung Kies and reboot your computer and phone.

  • If your are using Kies 3, make sure your phone is supported by Kies 3 by referring to

The tricks above may not solve your problem, but it worth a try since they are pretty simple. If the connection error continues on your Kies, you can fix it by the tool on Kies.

  1. If you are using Kies, find "Troubleshoot connection error" on the homepage, click it to diagnose the error. Kies will initialize connection history, re-install device driver and fix miscellaneous errors. Once the process is complete, reconnect your Samsung mobile phone.

    Kies Troubleshoot Connection Error

  2. If you are using Kies 3, go to "Tool"> "Reinstall device driver", click "Reinstall" on the pop up window. After the re-installation, reconnect your phone to try again.

    Kies Reinstall Device Driver

Many users connect their phones successfully to Kies after the above steps. If Kies still fails to detect your phone, you are suggested to uninstall Kies completely from your computer and re-install it gain.

Trouble 2: Kies Stuck on "Connecting"

When you connect phone to Kies, the program can not detect your phone but keep displaying "Connecting" status. If this sounds like your case, take a look at the following troubleshooting.

Kies Keeps Connecting

It appears probably when the USB drivers have not been installed on your computer so that the phone can not be recognized by Kies. So you need to update the driver for your mobile phone.

Open local Disk (C:) on the computer, go to "Program Files (x86)">"Samsung">"Kies">"USB Driver" and double-click to launch SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe.

Update USB Driver

Tip: The method is applicable to Win PC.

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