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How to Replace iPhone Battery

By Lois Green, Monday, Jananry 25, 2016

My iPhone takes 3 billion years to charge but 3 minutes to die. Unacceptable!

Nothing is scarier than your iPhone alerting you that your battery had hit 9%, especially when you just took it off the charger with a 100 percent full battery about an hour ago. If you are in the same situation, it is time for you to consider replacing your iPhone battery. I’m astonished that 61.4% of iPhone users don’t know the battery on their devices can be replaced, according to a study of 1,000 users by Batteries Plus Bulbs, a repair franchise.

Unlike many phones, the iPhone is a sealed unit that you cannot open it easily and then replace the battery. But don't worry. This post will tell you how to choose a best way to replace iPhone battery.

Part 1: How to Replace iPhone 6s/6Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5 Battery from Apple

Apple offers a battery-replacement service. The service is free if your phone is within its one-year warranty or if you have an Applecare plan. If your iPhone is out of warranty, Apple will still replace the battery, at a cost of U $79 plus US $6.95 shipping fee. You can read more about this service on iPhone Repair - Battery & Power.

If your iPhone is within the warranty period, I strongly recommend you bring it to Apple for battery replacement because it will be installed by a certified engineer which makes it safer than doing this by yourself.

Note: To prepare your iPhone for the battery replacement process, please backup your iPhone first.

Part 2: How to Replace iPhone Battery by Yourself

One-year warranty is short. Things are often different. You may have voided your warranty somehow or your phone is just out of warranty. If you don’t want to pay $79 to Apple, why not replace iPhone battery by yourself? It's not hard to do, and new batteries can be found on Amazon for not that much. You'll need a few tools, but you can buy the tools with the battery.


• Once you've opened the phone's casing, you'll certainly void any warranty, and Apple states it will not replace batteries in phones that have been tampered with.

• When replacing a battery in your iPhone, or any electronic device for that matter, it's very important you use high quality or OEM batteries. You have to be sure that the battery you order is the right one for your particular iPhone.

Here is we take how to replace the battery in an iPhone 5 as example:

1. Turn off iPhone

Turn off the iPhone and confirm it is off.

2. Unscrew two screws on the bottom of the iPhone

Use your Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two screws on the bottom edge of your iPhone. Put them somewhere safe they're extremely easy to lose.

UnScrew Screws

3. Pry the screen open

Place the suction cup just above the home button and pull up nice and gently. NOTE: if you have an iPhone 5S be extremely careful at this stage. The Touch ID cable connects to the bottom half of the phone and is easily damaged if you pull the screen up too far.

Pry iPhone Screen to Open

4.Unscrew the bracket and remove

Using your Phillips screwdriver, remove the bottom two screws and remove the little bracket. Again, don't lose those screws!

Unscrew Bracket

5. Remove the battery

Disconnect the battery cable using the plastic opening tool. Then, Remove the battery using the opening tool. If it’s your first time to remove the battery, it's not that easy to take it out because the battery is sticked on the back panel. Take your time and try to remove the battery nice and gently using the opening tool.

Remove iPhone Battery

6. Put in the new battery

If you succeeded to remove the battery, Put the new battery back in and reconnect the cable using the opening tool.

7. Finishing up

Put the bracket back in and screw it in place using the Phillips head screws. Then, carefully close the glass back down until it's seated and screw in those pentalobe screws at the bottom

Done! You did Great Job! Now, just connect your iPhone to the charger and wait for the phone to turn on.

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