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Useful Photography Tips for Android Beginners

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, April 13, 2016

To make the best from our Android phone camera, we can follow the tips below on useful photography tips for Android beginners who want to take beautiful photos with their Samsung, HTC, Sony, or other Android phones.

1. Clean Lens From Time to Time

Camera lens are the prominent component to take great pictures with our Android phone. So, we should take good care of the Android camera lens and clean the lens from time to time to get rid of the fingerprints and body oils. Try tissues, microfiber or cleaning fluid to clean the lens.

Camera Lens

2. Light Issues

As mentioned in the previous article: How to Take Great Photos at Night with Your Android Phone, we've shared with you several tips to take great pictures at night. First of all, turn off flash. The flash doesn't do many good to your photos. Instead, it will reflect the lights if the objects are near the window or something easy to reflect lights. And as a result, your photos will be nothing but only dazzling lights. HDR mode is the key for photography taking at night. When you want to capture photos when it is dark nearby, you can turn on HDR mode which will captures 3 photos in different exposure.

Take Pictures at Night with Android

3. Focus and Blur

When you try to capture closed-up, you will have a very shallow depth of field. To capture a clearer and nicer photo, you‘d better focus on the subject so that the subject is highlighted and clear while the background is blurred. Here we take the examples as below. Focus on the boy when the subject of the photography is the boy.

Do Not Lose Focus

If you focus on the car remotely, it will lose focus on that boy. And you will find that the boy will be blurred like the below example.

Prevent Losing Focus

4. Continuous Shot

Though our Android phone is fast enough to response when you hit on the shutter button, it is really a pity that we want to capture something move fast but it‘s just too fast for us to hit the shutter at the right time. You can tap on the shutter button time and time again to capture dozens of photography so that you can choose the best one after that. Of course, there‘s an easier way. Just choose the continuous shot. The continuous shot will be a good helper that we capture several pictures with one click.

Continuous Shot

5. Choose The Right Mode

On the default camera of your Android phone, there are several modes provided for you to choose. You can find the right one when you try to capture different types of photos. Choose "Mode" in the Camera app and you will see "Beauty face", "Best photo", "Sound & shot", "Panorama", "Sports" and more.

Choose The Right Mode

6. Be Patient

The best thing is worth waiting. So does the best photos. Another tip to capture excellent photos will be waiting patiently. Choose the right mode, find the best angle, focus on the subject and hold your Android steadily and then capture.

Capture Photos with Android Phone

With these tips, you can now capture beautiful pictures with your Android phone. Though other factors like camera specs, brightness adjustment and more will affect the quality of the photos as well, we can try our best to make the best from our Android phone camera.

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