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Moborobo Guide: Manage Android Contacts

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, May 27, 2016

We have hundreds and thousands of contacts installed on our Android phone. Though we can check them on our Android phone, we can manage Android contacts clearer with ease on our computer. But, how? How can we add new contacts, delete contacts or edit contact details? The one you need will be Moborobo.

Moborobo is an excellent program to manage your contacts even if your Android phone is not with you. In the paragraph below, I will show you how to add, delete or edit contacts from Desktop.

Part 1: Add New Contacts

Step 1. Get Moborobo Ready

Download Moborobo on your computer and connect your Android to the computer with the USB cable (WiFi connections on our Android phone are also supported. Just follow the instructions as the interface below shows).

Connect Device

Step 2. Add New Contacts from Desktop

After Moborobo detects your Android phone, you will see the interface as below. Hit on "Contacts" from the left side panel and you will see all the contacts on your Android phone. Hit on "+New contact" from the options on the top and you will see the blank as shown on the right. Fill in the contact names, mobile number, personal email, work email, address and more detail info in the blank. After that, hit on the green "Save" button at the bottom to save the new contact on your Android phone.

Add New Contacts on Android

Part 2:  Delete Android Contacts from Desktop

To manage contacts on our Android phone, we can connect our Android to the computer and batch delete contacts with ease. Launch Moborobo on your computer and tick all the contacts you want to delete in the box next to the contact names. After that, hit on the "Delete" option on the top to process the deletion.

Delete Android Contacts from Desktop

Part 3: Edit Contacts from Computer

As you can see in the interface, there's an "Edit" option next to the contact name. After clicking it, the contact details will be shown on the right. You can choose to edit or modify the phone number, email or address if it is needed.

Edit Android Contact Info on PC

Note: You can see that there's a "Send SMS" button next to "Edit". Choose it if you want to send message to your contact from desktop.

As you can see, Moborobo is really handy for those who want to manage Android contacts easily on computer. Adding, deleting, editing contacts on Android becomes a piece of cake now. Moreover, Moborobo also allows you to import/export contacts between Android and computer. You can try it on your own if you are interested in it.


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