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Change Wallpaper on Android with Moborobo

By Elsie Wesley, Thursday, May 31, 2016

Default wallpapers on Android phone are too common and we have less option. It will be excellent if we can choose the pictures we want on Android phone without any extra cost. Is that possible? Of course, what we need is Moborobo. Moborobo is not only a photo managing apps for Android users to upload or transfer Android photos to computer or from PC to Android, but also allows you to set the Android pictures you want as wallpaper.

Solution 1: Set Android Photos as Wallpaper on Android

Go to Photo Gallery on your Android phone. Take my Android for example, my Photo Gallery shortcut are the second icon at the bottom. Hit on it and locate in the picture you want. Preview it and choose the "…" at the bottom. Then, you will get a pop up list allowing you to "Upload to cloud album", "Mark", "Crop", "Rotate" and "Set as wallpaper". Choose "Set as Wallpaper" and you've successfully set photos as Wallpaper for Android phone.

Solution 2: Customize Android Wallpaper on Computer

Method 1. Preview and Set Android Photos as Wallpaper

1. Get Moborobo Ready on Android

Download and install Moborobo on Android phone. After that, you will be asked to match Android to PC with USB cable. Go to "Settings" > "About Phone" and tap on "Build Number" for 7 times. When it's done, tap on "Developer Options" and tick "USB debugging" to enable USB debugging.

Enable USB Debugging

2. Preview Android Photos and Set as Wallpaper

In the main interface, you can choose "Camera Images" and double-click on the pictures you want and choose "Set as wallpaper".

Set Photos as Wallpaper

Method 2. Tick to Choose and Customize Android Wallpaper

1. Detect Android with Moborobo

Download and install Moborobo on Android phone.

Connect Device

2. Tick Picture to Set as Wallpaper

When Moborobo detects your Samsung/HTC/Sony and more, you can choose "Camera Images" to show all the images on your Android device. Tick in the box on the photo you want and hit on "Set as wallpaper" at the top.

Tick and Set Pictures as Wallpaper

With these two simple methods, you can set the beautiful photos in your Android gallery as wallpapers at ease. Next time when you want to customize your Android phone to make it looks characteristic, you can try set Android pictures as wallpaper on your own.


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