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Backup and Restore Android Images/Wallpapers/Themes with Moborobo

By Elsie Wesley, Thursday, June 9, 2016

"I have my Android wallpapers deleted unintentionally last night, what can I do to get them back? Are Android photos, images and themes recoverable as well?" If you are looking for the simple way to restore your Android photos, wallpaper and themes from backup after accidentally deleting them, you can try Moborobo on your own. Below, I will divide the passage into two parts to show you how to backup Android photos with Moborobo and how to restore Android images back.

Part 1: Back Up Android Images/Wallpapers/Themes with Moborobo

Step 1. Install Moborobo on Android Phone

Download and install Moborobo on Android and connect your Android phone to PC with the USB cable. After that, choose "ToolBox" from the top and hit on "Backup" as shown below.

Backup Android Files with Moborobo

Step 2. Choose "Image" to Backup

In the interface, you will see the supported files provided such as "Contacts", "SMS", "Call logs", "Images", "Apps" and "Music". Tick "Image" in the interface and choose "Quick backup" to backup Android files to PC with Moborobo.

Back up Android Images Wallpaper Theme

Part 2: Restore Android Photos with Moborobo

Step 1. Start "Restore" Backed up images from Moborobo

In the main interface of Moborobo, you will see the interface as shown below. Choose "ToolBox" and you will see the "Restore" option.

Toolbox Restore

Step 2. Get Back Android Images with Moborobo

Choose "Restore" and you will be asked to hit on "View" to choose the Android backup you want. Just select the one you want and hit on "Restore" to recover Android pictures.

View Android Backup

Step 3. Tick and Restore Android Images from Backup

Then,in the interface, you will be asked to tick in the box next to "Image" and hit on "Restore" to start the Android image restoration.

Restore Android Images Wallpaper Theme

 That's it. It's not complex at all to back up or restore Android photos, wallpaper and themes with the help of Moborobo. You can also backup all Android files with Moborobo with the similar steps. Why not check it out and try it on your own.


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