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How to Make Ringtones for Android Phones

By Elsie Wesley, Monday, Jananry 25, 2016

I guess you may get tired of one call ringtone or SMS notification on your Android phone that has been used for months. Why not replace the old one and fresh your Android phone? You can change the system-default option into another pre-made ringtone on your Android phone or customize Android ringtone with a specific MP3 music track or audio file.

Part 1:  Choose Ringtone on Setting for Android Phone

Turn on your Android phone. Go to "Settings" > "Sound" > "Ringtones". Then select a  ringtone from the list. And tap the "OK" button.

Pre-made Ringtones for Android

Note: We are using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as an example. However, operations might vary with different types of phones. It depends.

For those Android phone with SD card, you can also add new ringtones by creating ringtone folder in SD card.Open "File Manager"(the name might differ from phone to phone) on your Android phone, go to SD Card. Open the "Media" folder and create a new  folder named Ringtones. In the new folder, copy the ringtone files you like into the folder. Then go back to "Ringtones" on "Settings", you will find the new ringtones are on the list.

Create New Ringtones Folder

Part 2:  Customize Ringtones with Music Player

Of course if you don't like the old ringtones that came with the Android phone, you can wake up your phone with a song or sound snippet. That is, use do-it-yourself ringtones.

Follow the command line: Start a music player on your Android phone, NexMusic for example. Select a song in the playlist, library, etc. Tap on the three-dot icon and expand it. Hit "Use as ringtone". The song will be added in the ringtone list.

Customize Ringtones with Music Player

Part 3:  Making Android Ringtones with Moborobo

Step 1. Install Moborobo on computer

Download and install Moborobo on your computer. Then, use the USB cable to match Android phone to the computer. Enable USB debugging on Android phone. "Settings" > "About Phone" and tap on "Build Number" for 7 times. When it's done, tap on "Developer Options" and tick "USB debugging".

Enable USB Debugging

Step 2. Start Setting Android Music as Ringtone

In the left panel, you will see several data types provided. Choose "Music" and all the songs on your Android phone will be listed in the interface. Select the one you want and then choose the "Set" options on the right. You will see two options shown in the dropdown list: Ringtones and Notifications. Choose "Ringtone" and you can hear the song when someone calls you. Choose "Notifications" and you will hear it when you receive a message or other notification.

Set Music as Android Ringtone

Congratulations! You have learn how to make ringtones for Android. The call/message notification ringtone has been changed into the one you love. There may be other ways to achieve the same goal on other Android phones. It will be greatly appreciated if you share with us by sending us emails or leaving messages in the below box.


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