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How to Make A Ringtone for Android

By Elsie Wesley, Thursday, June 27, 2019

I guess you have got tired of the default ringtone and notification sound on your Android phone that has been used for years. Why not make a custom ringtone with a song that you like? Android makes it easy for you to change the stock ringtone and set any music file as a ringtone on your phone.

In this guide, I'll show you 3 ways to create your own ringtone for Android with songs from computers, mobile devices, and even YouTube. Also, you'll learn where the Android ringtone folder is and how to add ringtone to Android Pie 9.0, Android Oreo 8.0 and more.

Make ringtone for Android on computer

You can make ringtones with music or audio files from your computer and Android devices with a desktop ringtone maker - FonePaw DoTrans. This cross-platform data transfer tool has a ringtone maker that you can use to create a ringtone with music & audio files from your computer, Android phone & tablet and even iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. After extracting MP3 from YouTube, you can even make a YouTube song a ringtone with DoTrans.



  • Make ringtone with MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. files from different sources;

  • Transfer ringtone to your Android phone from iPhone, iPad, other Android devices, PC, etc.;

  • Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts around iPhone, Android, PC and more.

How to make ringtone with DoTrans

Step 1 Connect your Android device to DoTrans. (Tip: If you would like to import ringtone to Android from iOS device, plug in your iOS device as well.)

Step 2 Click Toolbox > Ringtone Maker. In the Ringtone Maker interface, you can either add a file from the Android device or PC to make a ringtone.

Add File to Make Ringtone

  • Select Add file from device, all audio files from the Android device will be displayed for you to choose from.

  • Select Add file from PC, a window pops up for you to search desired audio file from PC.

Select Song to Make Ringtone

Step 3 Once a file is selected, the ringtone maker will load the file and enables you to select the part to make a ringtone. You may either drag the blue slider to highlight a section of the song or set a starting point & end point. You can click to listen to the selection and adjust its volume.

Make Ringtone for Android

Step 4 Keep the Add to device option ticked and click Generate. The ringtone will be created and added to your Android phone.

You can now go to Settings > Sounds and notification > Ringtones and select the added ringtone.

Make a custom ringtone on the web

There are also online ringtone makers to make a song a ringtone for Android. An online ringtone maker works as a music cutter to cut your uploaded music file to make a ringtone, but it doesn't add the created ringtone to your Android phone. You have to download the trimmed audio file and set it as ringtone manually.


  • Cut music files to make ringtones;

  • No need to install additional apps or programs;

  • Internet connection is required.

How to make ringtone for Android online

Step 1 Open a ringtone maker from the browser.

Step 2 Upload an audio file to the website.

Step 3 Once the song is uploaded, select a starting point and end point of the ringtone.

Step 4 Click Make Ringtone to cut the song.

Step 5 Once the song is successfully cut, click Download to save the ringtone.

Make Ringtone Online

You can then add the ringtone to your Android device and set it as ringtone for phone call or notification.

Make a song a ringtone on Android

You can make a song your ringtone directly from Android with a music player. Most music players can extract the highlight of the music files on your phone and make a ringtone with it. It should be noted that not every song in the Music apps of your phone can be made to a ringtone. Only the songs that are existing on your phone memory as an MP3 file or so can be set as ringtone while streaming music can't work.


  • No need to download extra apps;

  • Unable to select a clip on your own.

How to make ringtone with a music player on Android

Start a music player on your Android phone. Select a song in the playlist, library, etc. Tap on the three-dot icon and expand it. Hit "Use as ringtone"/"Set as ringtone". The highlight or a short clip of the song will be added in the ringtone list.

Make Ringtone on Android

Access Android ringtone folder

If you have downloaded a perfect MP3 file for ringtone, you can add it to Android ringtone folder and it will appear in the ringtone list for you to choose from.

  • Access ringtone folder in the internal memory: open a file explorer, go to Internal Memory > Ringtones.

Android Ringtones Folder

For those Android phones with SD card, you can also add new ringtones by creating ringtone folder in SD card. Open a File Manager on your Android phone, go to SD Card. Open the "Media" folder and create a new folder named Ringtones. In the new folder, copy the ringtone files you like into the folder.

Then go back to "Ringtones" on "Settings", you will find the newly added ringtone are on the list.

Set ringtone on Android(for a specific contact)

You can set your desired ringtone for Android on Settings.

Turn on your Android phone. Go to "Settings" > "Sound" > "Ringtones". Then select a ringtone from the list. And tap the "OK" button.

Set Ringtone on Android

If you would like to set a special ringtone for a specific contact, you can do the following.

  • Open Contacts and select the contact you want to customize ringtone for.

  • Tap More > Set ringtone and select a ringtone.

  • Tap Save to save the change.

Set Ringtone for Contacts

You have learned how to make ringtone for Android now. Now change the ringtone to the one that you love.

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