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VSCO - The Best Photo Filter App for iPhone

By Lois Green, Friday, March 25, 2016

Thanks to the advanced iPhone camera, I've found joy in shooting and editing photos even though I'm not a real photographer. Like many of others, I've tried many different photo editors for iOS but the one that I keep coming back to is VSCO Cam. Without exaggeration, I do think it the best photo filter app for iPhone. So whether you're new to photography or at the top of your game, you should be familiar with the VSCO Cam. Today, I'll show you how to get the most out of VSCO Cam.

Before we dive in, make sure you've downloaded and installed the VSCO Cam app.


• Shooting & Editing with VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam comes with an advanced camera which allows you to separately define focus and exposure points. Besides, it lets you lock white balance independently which is not available in most other apps. When editing your pictures, you can select many different presets to test until you find the most suitable one. There are many options that you can choose when it comes to editing including Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Rotate, Crop, Fade, Vignetting, Tint, Saturation, Shadows Boost, Highlight Recovery, Sharpen, Grain, Highlights Tint, etc.

• VSCO Cam's One-tap Filters

The VSCO Cam comes with ten free filters, while an in-app purchase of $6 unlocks the full array of 38 additional presets. The free filters are fantastic, natural and high-quality. Just tap on a thumbnail, the filter will be added into your photo and tap again will allow you to adjust the intensity of the filter on a twelve-step sliding scale.

VSCO Cam's One-tap Filters

• VSCO Cam's Advanced Toolkit

There is an icon for a Toolkit to perform further editing. Tap on the white bar below the preset thumbnails from the photo editing view and you will see four options: a paintbrush, a wrench, a little arrow (undo one step) and a big arrow (revert to original).

VSCO Cam's Advanced Toolkit

• VSCO Cam's Photo Library

Tapping on the thumbnail in the lower-right corner will launch the Library view which provides you with a customizable image-browsing experience.

• Basic steps on how to use the VSCO Cam

1. Download and Install the VSCO app.

2. Locate and select the photo to edit.

3. Tap the photo and bring it to full view.

4. Tap the edit icon to open up the editing options.

5. Preset your photo with the filters and choose the one you like most.

6. Save the photo when you've decided to use a preset.

7. Share or export your image with the share icon.

How to Use the VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is without doubt the most powerful photo editing app. It's simple, effective and incredibly amazing. After you have completed your edits, do remember to tap the share icon and save your image. If you have any question, submit your request in the comments below!

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