iPhone is Disabled? How to Unlock Disabled iPhone

author Lois Green
date Tuesday, June 20, 2020

Your iPhone is locked when you see on the lock screen this message: iPhone is disabled. In some cases, the message says: "iPhone is disabled, try again in 1/5/15/60 minutes." And some people even see the crazy "iPhone is disabled for 24 million minutes"! And in other cases, you see "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes." So why is your iPhone disabled? And how to unlock disabled iPhone 12/11/X/8/7/6 so that you can access to your phone again. Here are the answers.

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Why My iPhone is Disabled?

Your iPhone is disabled because of too many wrong passcode entries. Normally, if you enter 5 incorrect passcodes in a row, the iPhone will be disabled for 1 minute. And for 7 incorrect entries, 5 minutes; 8 incorrect entries, 15 minutes; 9 incorrect entries, 60 minutes. And for 10 incorrect passcode entries at a time, iPhone is disabled and asks you to connect to iTunes.

tips Tips
  • If you have enabled Erase Data in Touch ID & Passcode, it will delete all data on the iPhone after entering the wrong passcode for 10 times.

There are many situations that your iPhone has been tried with wrong passcodes and disabled. For example:

  • You forget the iPhone passcode and enter different incorrect passcodes up to 6 times.

  • You leave your iPhone to your kid and she/he pushes the buttons of the locked screen randomly for lots of times.

  • Someone tries to guess your iPhone passcode and unlock your phone.

iPhone is Disabled

Solution 1: iPhone is Disabled, Try Again in XX Minutes?

When you see iPhone is disabled, try again in 5, 15, 60 minutes, you can simply wait for 5/15/60 minutes and then unlock your iPhone with correct passcode or Touch ID. If you have forgotten the passcode, you can bypass the locked iPhone with the following methods.

In those extreme cases when iPhone is disabled for 23/24/25 million minutes, the iPhone usually had a broken screen or had been jailbreak. You can fix it with Solution 2 and Solution 3.

Solution 2: iPhone is Disabled; Connect to iTunes, How to Bypass?

If iPhone 12/11/X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, SE/6s/6/5s says: iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes, you should connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore the device. A restore will erase everything on the iPhone, including its passcode. Since restoring iPhone with iTunes will delete all data, you should connect the phone to a Mac or PC that you have previously synced your iPhone with and make a backup before the restore.

Step 1 Connect the device to the computer (the one you've previously synced the device too). Then, open iTunes.

Step 2 Click your iPhone icon, then tap "Summary" at the left pane and click Back Up Now to create an iTunes backup.

Step 3 Click "Restore iPhone". Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restore process.

Restore iPhone

Step 4 After restoring, your device will be wiped clean and restored as a new device. When the iOS Setup Assistant asks to set up your iPhone, choose "Restore from iTunes backup." Just select your device in iTunes and choose the most recent backup of your iPhone.

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

If you've never synced your iPhone with iTunes, you're going to see some errors: "iTunes can't connect to the device because it has a passcode applied. Enter the passcode before it can connect to iTunes". If so, you can bypass the disabled screen with iTunes in these steps.

Step 1 Turn off the iPhone.

Step 2 Connect the USB cable to the iPhone but don't connect it to the computer. Launch iTunes.

Step 3 Then put the disabled iPhone in recovery mode: press and hold the Power + Home buttons while plugging iDevice back into the computer (make sure iTunes is open).

Step 4 Release the power button and keep holding the home button until you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen like this:

Connect to iTunes Screen

Step 5 When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore.

Restore iPhone from Recovery Mode

Solution 3: iPhone is Disabled, How to Fix Without iTunes?

If you can't use iTunes to unlock iPhone, you can use iOS System Recovery (opens new window) to fix your iPhone/iPad's disabled error.

Note: This method works for those who don't need the data anymore since it may erase your phone contents.

1. Get iOS System Recovery on PC/Mac

Click the following button to get the program on your PC/Mac and move to the "iOS System Recovery" interface.

2. Detect iPhone/iPad

When you connect the device into the PC, the program will detect it with ease. Thus, click "Advanced mode" to fix the disabled iPhone.

Detect iPhone

3. Put Your Device into DFU Mode

To get started in this way, it is in need to get your iPhone into DFU mode so that the program will go on fixing your case.

Put into DFU Mode

4. Select Device's Info

After detecting, the program will show your device information. Double-check the details and confirm whether it is correct. Once it shows any wrong info, please select it manually.

Select Device Info

Tip: There is a guide for you to check the model details if you click the question mark next to the "Device model".

5. Fixing Your iPhone Back to Normal Status.

In this step, you have to keep the mobile connected to the computer. The screen will display the repairing process. As "Repair completed" comes, you can now access your iPhone

Repair Done

tips Tip

Solution 4: Unlock Disabled iPhone in a Fast Way

If you want an easy and fast way to get into the disabled iPhone, Fone Paw iOS Unlocker (opens new window) is also a good way to try. It is a new program that focuses on wiping the locked iPhone passcode, removing Apple ID (opens new window), and retrieving Screen Time passcode.

It helps you unlock the disabled iPhone so quickly and safely that you will be surprised at how convenient it is.

First, download FonePaw iOS Unlocker (opens new window)on your computer.

Second, enable the program and you will see three options on the homepage.

Wipe Screen helps you get into the disabled iPhone quickly.

Remove Apple allows you to reset the Apple ID or log in with a new account.

Screen Time enables you to retrieve the Screen Time and Restrictions passcode.

iOS Unlocker Homepage

Third, tap Wipe Passcode and connect your iPhone to the computer. Check if the information of your device is correct and click Start to continue.

It will begin downloading a firmware package for your device.

Start Download Firmware Package

Fourth, when the firmware package is downloaded, a prompt will ask you to enter "0000" to confirm the unlocking.

Unlock Confirm

Enter it and click Unlock to continue. When the progress goes to 20%, you will need to put your phone into Recovery Mode to continue.

The program will show you detailed instructions to teach you how to do. So you don't need to worry about the process.

Put iPhone In Recovery Mode

Finally, when your phone enters Recovery mode, the process will go on. Wait till it finishes and your disabled iPhone will be unlocked successfully.

Unlock Disabled iPhone


Although FonePaw iOS Unlocker (opens new window) is a fast way to unlock the disabled iPhone, there are several things that you should keep in mind before using it:

  1. You will need to register before unlocking.

  2. Removing the lock screen will erase the data and settings on your device as well.

  3. You'd better turn off Find My iPhone before unlocking. If it is enabled, you will need to enter the iCloud password to reset your device after the unlocking.

  4. Your device will be updated to the latest iOS version after the unlocking.

Solution 5: How to Unlock the Disabled iPhone without Computer

If you have "Find My iPhone" enabled on your iPhone, you can use "Remote Wipe" to erase the contents and passcode of your device. Then you can unlock the iPhone.

Step 1. Go to icloud.com with your Apple ID and passcode (the one you use with iCloud rather than your iPhone passcode that you do not remember).

Step 2. Click "Find My iPhone", then "All Devices" at the top of your browser window. Then, select the device you want to erase.

Step 3. Click "Erase iPhone" to remote wipe the device and its password.

Erase iPhone

Step 4. When iOS Setup Assistant on your iPhone asks to set up your iPhone, choose "Restore from iCloud backup" or "Restore from iTunes backup."

Note :
  • If you tend to recover data on disabled iPhone 6/6s/7, you are allowed to use iPhone Data Recovery to regain the deleted data and existing files from iCloud/iTunes backups.

iPhone is Enabled!

Now the iPhone is unlocked. Nevertheless, if you don't want your iPhone to get disabled after you forgot the iPhone passcode, you should either 1) enable Touch ID on your iPhone 12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6/5s; 2) be sure backup your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud (opens new window).

iOS System Recovery
iOS System Recovery
Fix your iOS system without losing any important files!

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